Pirate outings in 2014



  • I'd quote if I could but Cat, that last line is so very true image
  • I'm voting for somewhere abroad. We've 2 years to save up for it.

    Even if it rains - it'll be warm rain abroad.
  • Is the rain warm in Sweden always looks feckin freezing on Wallander
  • Have any of swum in the Baltic? It's f'ing freezing even in the summer.
  • DD as in "its feckin Baltic" image

    As a kid every year we used to go on holiday to Norfolk play all day in the North sea in a pair of trunks we must have been blue i think i have grown up into a wetsuited wuss image
  • Nice...?

    Its warm there and I fancy a hard bike image

    or Embrunman??  -  ok maybe not image

    Did I think / hear they were trying to get a second IM in spain?

  • cougie wrote (see)
    I'm voting for somewhere abroad. We've 2 years to save up for it.

    Even if it rains - it'll be warm rain abroad.

    weve agred for 2015 which is austria....

    they are now arguing about 2014 which people will have to enter in the summer so only a few months to save upimage

  • How about Florida? Apart from I don't know what date it's on.

    Warm, flat, accommodation shouldn't be too expensive and we can all go to the Magic Kingdom afterwards.

  • Mouse.didn't it sell out in about 10 mins...........i was so pleased when mrs SA got her place.....and really looking forward to her race report

  • Mouse, Florida sold out in under 60 seconds this year and its in November plus its some 300 miles away from Disney


  • Not a clue. The thought just struck me that maybe we should all go to America but then again, places over there are like rocking horse poop. As you say.
  • As IM gets all the more popular then I suppose you run the risk each time that not everyone will get in .. unless we get block booking like we did  *errrr ...* Switzerland?

  • Apart from Sweden is there an IM we havent done (discounting the ones Stateside)?

  • I dunno. If we're sticking to Europe and closer to home then Sweden still strikes me as the obvious choice if the intention is to be brand driven.

    I can't remember what the other keen choices were. Was it Barcelona and Vichy?

    I'm secretly hoping you pick one I don't want to do so I can take my sabbatical.
  • I think they have all been keen choices ... too many to choose from !


  • This year I'm going to Vichy with a couple of other pirates. Maybe even Squishy.

  • If this is for 2014 id vote Barcelona, then Mrs Matt and I can go on after to visit family, make it into a proper holiday image

  • Do you think it would help to get the big Pirate ship floating in a similar direction to reinvigorate the big Pirate gathering at Bala?

    I think Bala was great as a 'secondary' Pirate gathering for the year and gave an early opportunity for people to camp together, meet fellow Pirates and discuss the next year's race.

    I know it wouldn't work as a race for the Lanza racers this year but nothing to stop everyone coming anyway as it's such a great location for a break.

    So, see you all there!   image

  • Slim my bruvs entered, i am waiting for an operation appointment which when it happens will stop me training for a few weeks so until i get a date i cant enter

    Even if i cant race i will probably come down for the break and support you guys

    Hope the weathers nice this yearimage
  • Max - be good to see Dave and you of course if you can make it.  Be nice if it was a little less rain and wind then in 2011!

    last obstacle is to explain to my wife where she's spending her birthday again this year image

  • Think I might get a divorce and marry a woman with a more suitable birthday !
  • bala has moved to Lanza this year!!! image

    except the eather is not moving to lanza
  • It had better feckin not be  image

  • I loved bala the years i did it.would love to go back again some year

  • Me too. Bala is one I'd love to do again!
  • Yeh, but for us civilised people (with or withour skirts image) its probably quicker to get to Sweden than Bala! image

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