Pirate outings in 2014



  • That all depends on what you drive    image

  • Bala isn't that far away. I've driven to race there several times and I would 100% endorse that it's worth the effort. I wish we did all still go and do it.

    The problem for me is that it's sat poorly on the calendar for the last couple of years.
  • Its not sitting well for this year either but we should make a concerted effort to make it happen next year   image

    Doesnt it sell out around Christmas time?

  • I don't know Melds. The last time I did it, it didn't sell out at all. The downside of such an excellent race being it's become very popular I guess.
  • It normally clashes with Enduroman
  • I appear to have killed the thread image

    So, has a decision been made on where I am holidaying next year whilst watching you lot suffer? image

    Is it Sweden? Is it not?

  • Nah not Sweden ...  ;-)

    I did chat to the coach the other day and he seems to think we have ages yet to sort out when/where, I am of the inclination that people need to know and to book holiday time and to sort out pennies and what have you

    If you take it as read that 2015 is Austria for the PSOF Anniversaire Champs - entries will need to be done as soon as poss after the openning date or hour which is likely to be July ??
    2014 (IMO) needs to be one that doesnt fill or that people can enter fairly late in 2013/early 2014 and then have time to find the funds for the big 'un

    Outlaw we have done and that will still always get the crowds of newbies as I think it will become the longdistance version of Bala
    Henley we will have done this year
    Most of the European ones have been covered
    At the risk of a few gasps there is still the IMUK option and there is the IMWales option for 2014, neither of which are beginner friendly but as has been pointed out previously any IM that has a Pirate presence is newbie friendly

    There are a plethora of new Ironman distance races in the UK springing up but (and again IMO only) the best atmosphere is where the majority are

    I think we should make an effort to get a big group to Bala 2014 for the middle distance
    and I think unless there is huge opposition we should do
    IMWales in 2014

    IMAustria 2015

    Please discuss     image

  • as I have mentioned before in this thread - you need to factor in that 2014/15 MAY see a new UK IM event.  Both Bolton and Wales only have a licence for another year I believe and my source says, WTC might can both events and just have one UK IM event but not based at either of those venues.   

    but like many things WTC there are facts and rumours and that one is still in the rumour mill 

  • If there is a new one for 2014 then they need to announce fairly soon I would have thought & 2015 is spoken for image
  • I disagree with Meldy. I think it should be Sweden.
  • Your case for the opposition?   image

  • Ahaaa!!!

    Mousey wants a sabatical and if we go to Wales then she wont be able to resist !!!    image

  • Ha ha ha!!!

    Not at all. I just thought that the champs have been in the UK for two years now and I would be nice to actually *go* somewhere!
  • It would be nice. Auto correct on phones is a bitch!
  • Sweden would be a new flag on the Admirals tattoo I think ?

    I like the sound of Sweden.
  • C'mon, get out your wallets and passports and come play in Oz. Port Macq is May time, WA/Busso is December, or IMNZ, Cairns, Challenge Wanaka.

    You know it makes sense ...

  • Lol yes it would be Cougs !!!

    I'd need more than my wallet Kanga   image

    Mousey, so you are not having a year off then? !

  • Mouse is having this year off i thought?

    I'm doing Wales this year, I'm not IM next year apparently so i've been told.

  • All the more reason to come and play in 2014 the Mr F !!

  • so he gcan get himself in trouble...........anyone whoi does IMW this year can have a year off next year to recover for 2015 in austriaimage

  • If its Sweden, doesnt mean others cant race in Wales.

    Is there a danger that choosing Wales could leave you hanging in the wind if there is doubt over 2014 event? Id guess we'd not find out till Sept/Oct.

    Does it matter if only say dozen people go to Sweden?
  • at the moment it only seems to be you and mouse barley image


  • Wales is a good option but to choose it you really need some assurace itll be on next year (would be mental for WTC to remove it in my view)
  • I agree with Mouse though, we need to get away from the UK a bit, I think the UK events we've done lack the electricity and atmosphere than when a loy of us are holed up in a hotel overseas.

    IM France could be another option, but thats going over old ground.
  • Has Barcelona been discounted?
  • Not discounted but Personally i fail to get excited about Barcelona or Almere, i see that theyre choices of some people. I also worry that theyve got the potential to fail to get others enthusiasm in the same way that Henley has.

    I decided to enter Henley this year to show solidarity as it was chosen as the Pirate champs and support the race despite Lanza being my preferred choice.

    Its a bit dissapointing to see some of those who were pushing it last year are not doing it.
  • In that case I'd go for Sweden. Its a beautiful place, not cheap thoguh image

    Having said that, I've not done my first yet, so I've no idea why I'm even thinking about what I'm doing next year

  • It was easier to reach a consensus in the past as all the races were new to most of us. Over the years the options have become more complicated as some people have done a lot of races so rule themselves out from certain events.

    There were also no decent UK events until Outlaw & Wales, now those and other new UK races are an easy option for people, this skews the decision process I think, it also has the potential to limit us reaching a decent consensus for an overseas race (except in the example of Austria 2015 which seems a special case)

    It could be that given the change in dynamics we'll now struggle to get a dozen or so committing to any overseas race? Personally I dont think that should matter, its also not to say that UK, Barcelona etc are not viable options. We should be looking to explore and excite, pick races that are spepick (special and epic)image
  • As Meldy suggested on previous page theres no reason to decide now, we have till May. Not deciding doesnt stop people saving up?
  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    We should be looking to explore and excite, pick races that are spepick (special and epic)image

    that'll be Himalayan Man, then image ... or Arctic Man ... or how about Andes Man?!!

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