Pirate outings in 2014



  • Isn't that what you have an editor for, Will?  

    If you need one, my rates are very reasonable... image

  • Being so dyslexic, I have to edit 3 times myself, including help from a couple of beta readers before its in any shape that an editor wouldn't laugh me out of there office .... very embarrassing. 

  • Hmm. If I'm probably not racing in 2014 I should probably butt out of the debate. Duly noted.

    That said, can I comment that early season racing which necessitates 4+hr riding in Feb is stupid. Don't pick an early race.
  • Its character building Mousey   image

  • I quite agree, I've started doing cycles promptly followed by saunas!

  • I agree with Mouse not Meldy!!

  • I think it was Mousey that does the strip turbo after a long bike ... get warmed up while you warm down  image

  • Yep. That's me.
  • image

    anyway, it will be Spring by approx Thursday next week.

  • .... and winter again by the weekend image

  • oh ye of little faith Trogs   image

  • No spring here, max of 7c by Wednesday - if it's stopped bloody snowing by then.

  • Which it hasn't as yet.

  • Im cozumel 2014...?

    Nice late season race

    Train all summer and aurumn.

    Have a holiday in the resort next door amd travel over the day before.

    Errrr as an alternative i just saw the norseman 10 aniverary video. as i ran 15 mins today i am thinking bad thoughts image
  • Or even Los Cabos, Mexico its in 3 weeks and still has places available


  • Cozumel is a non-wetsuit swim as I think Los Cabos might be (not decided yet and water is c22C)  - that's enough to put most people off doing them

  • I'd like to make my Ironman debut at Almere 2014, I used to live there close to the old finish near the harbour. First thing is learn to swim properly and do a pool sprint.

  • All sounds good and loving it that people think as far ahead as I do for IM racing.

    Driving to one now is a good option for us as we will be taking 2 kids and the kitchen sink but happy to join the ship again next year or 2015. Kelly was working abroad when I did Austria so she's never been there, Sweden is top of my list as is Copenhagen but I need to get this year out of the way with kid no.2 on the way without putting on 2 stone.

    And yes, I was there in 2004 with Candy and Monique, IMCH in 2005 was the race we had a group entry that we swapped names for but I doubt that will happen again as IM own most of the races again now. There were about 23 racing, I just mentored that year as I went to Nice and Norseman in 2005.

    Personally I want to do a fast course next year as Fegan has set a bar I want to try to target, that takes out Wales, Lanza etc but throws in Germany, Roth, Sweden, Copenhagen and Austria, will await the list of 5 that FB recommended we throw into the mix.

    And the funniest part of threads for me now is when you 'ignore' someone but you can see the responses to them, trying to work out the original post just makes me smile. Oh the fun of forums.
  • I'd quite like a 'quick' course for 2014/2015/2016 ..... and then I might consider a hilly one again   image

  • I see this has been quiet for a month - and no decision yet?

    As a newbee I like FB and Schmunkee's ideas of getting the "old" pirates to draw up a short list of 5 then do a vote. I'm really sold by the idea of the pirate atmosphere image

    On another note I looked up the Chtriman race - this is how google has kindly translated the description:

    All for a registration cost € 170, which makes the 226 the cheapest Triathlon de France but certainly not as well organized.

    I'm not entirely sure that's the way to sell a race! 

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    I'd quite like a 'quick' course for 2014/2015/2016 ..... and then I might consider a hilly one again   image

    you ain't planning in retiring soon then......image

  • Nah..... wouldn't know what to do with myself  image

  • Can I throw the Cotswold 226 into the mix as it has not been mentioned on this thread?

    Although initial indications were for an early season race, the Race Director does prefer later in the season but wants to avoid a clash with Henley, Tenby and Bolton
  • If its late in the year then I'm up for Cotswold image

    I dont fancy winter training again next year

  • My Cornwall clan have mutinied thrown my Almere idea overboad and steered our paticular ship towards Roth, so my 2014 A race is Roth image

    If the timimngs right i would consider another UK race
  • Guess we have to decide in the next couple of months so keep your eyes peeled for final ideas end of May time, anyone else got any preferences / ideas not already discussed?

    Perhaps those going to Lanza can then narrow down the short list?

  • Personally I think we should boycott any UK event that doesn't measure things properly....in miles!! image

  • I'd vote for any late season that's not too hot. Having spent the day saving marathon runners with temps over 40 deg I'm definitely keeping away from hot ones!

    Letting the Lanza crowd narrow down sounds sensible. So many exciting choices could keep us talking forever! image
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    We were talking about this at the sportive today and we came up with two solutions.  Solution A) IM Sweden.  It's an international one, which seems to be the favoured option.  The pirates haven't done it before. Job done.  Or solution B) let the newbie pirates decide instead of the old school.  Flip it on its head, if you will.

    So, we still didn't help much on actual decision making, but it was nice talking about it.

  • I am out of the discussion as unless the pirates vote on roth my particular ship has sailed image
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