Pirate outings in 2014



  • How about Powerman Zofingen? No need to get wet!

    slowerthanilook wrote (see)
    Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    My vote would go for Sweden, its the only European Ironman we've not been to image

    Sweden here too. By all accounts it was brilliant last year and it's in the school hols too. MDot may only be a brand, Max, but much as I loved Outlaw, IM Wales swaggered over, downed Outlaw's pint, snogged his bird and then battered it in a fight without breaking sweat image.

    And Meldy.... your comment made me laugh my ass off, because let's face it.... for most Pirates an IM is a 20 mile walk in a park with about 6 miles of jogging.


  • Didnt we come to an arrangement with the Ironman Austria organisers in 2006 re reserved/swapping entries between ourselves.

    I think its worth an approach to any race we choose to see if we can oranganise a group entry.
  • Slower not to sure it was the brand that kicked Outlaws arse (and it did) more the people of Pembrokeshire who really got behind the event
  • I think we did Barlos .. was Austria in 2005? or was it Switzerland?

    Either of which I would be happy to revisit

  • Totally and completely nuts, Max, weren't theyimageimage? Brilliant! But I did enjoy the MDot gloss and international flavour too.

    And I "got" your irony, Melds. I remember watching your run at Outlaw image.

  •   !!!!!!

  • Arse

    Forgot the invisibility cloak of pointy brackets there  image

  • Wouldn't mind another trip to Austria next year... see how it goes at Vichy this year...

  • Assuming I survive lanza I am game!

  • So we've heard   image

  • Too late Barlos!

    Challenge events are good because they have many years of experience in organising such races - 20 years as European Champs plus all the years since they passed the pennant to Franky.

  • So are we calling 2014 the big anniversary party then???

    If so then Garr and myself will come and play image

    I'll start a sock! image
  • I have no idea if we should go for 2014 or 2015

    Personally I prefer the 2015 for the anniversary bash, entry fees will be needed June/July time and that aint gonna happen  image

  • If the ship sails somewhere warm and where I'm less likely to have white van man pull alongside and call me a fat slag at 70m on the bike, I might come out of retirement. Or maybe just support lol.
  • Although the spiders that have been living in my bike since last summer might be upset. Still, they're safe for a while. image
  • I did a bit of goofling:

    2004 - Candy/Mon did Austria
    2005 - Switzerland

    Though I think you probably knew that anyway.


  • I think we were thinking along the same lines Mousey .. we were questionning when the 'aniversary' should be and I suspect then that Austria 2014 would be the truer one?

  • In which case, as they say, I'm out, was aiming for a trip to Austria 2015 and may well still do, just less people around in yellow 'n' black

  • Symes that doesnt mean it cant happen ... why not have an anniversary a year later


  • So options are 2014 Austria or 2015 Switzerland?


    I have no strong feelings either way.

  • Me neither really ... I suspect 2015 was bandied around previously as a significant date as it was the first 'proper' group outing?

    I guess we can talk about it for a few more months yet  image

  • We need a committee image

  • As Meldy stated surely its piratey to have the snniversay when its not the anniversary image

    Fraid with 2 kids in uni at the moment any numerous large family commitments no way i can do an IM fee this June/July image
  • Good pont Meldy, plus I'll be in a new age group by then so Kona qualification will be so much easier... image

  • Lol good point Max !!!    Have the anniversary a year late .. its very piratical after all   image

    Still leaves the question of what to do in 2014 tho  !!   I fancy Barcelona

  • I have access to two apartments 100m from the start line of IM Brazil.......

  • Is Barcelona full distance? I still fancy Almere or Roth but Roths been done as a pirate trip hasnt it?
  • If its not Austria 2014, my vote def goes to Sweden.  I think we need a big ticket race, look whats happened this year about Challenge Henley! will people get excited enough about something like Challenge Barcelona (which incidentally isnt in Barcelona)

    IM Brazil 2016, to coincide with the Olympics then image

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    I have access to two apartments 100m from the start line of IM Brazil.......


     Which one is itimage

  • Barlos - I agree we need a big ticket race for 2014, I agree that Sweden will be ace but I think that the cost of getting there and being there will prohibit a lot of people

    If Austria is 2015 then do we need a vote for 2014??

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