Pirate outings in 2014



  • True. Running is cheap. Unless you fall for the marketing - then its not !
  • If I've got a fan club going, I'm sold image

    Mousers, yeah, thought Austria was very well organised, loved the place, the atmosphere; would've liked a Germany-stylee run course, but at least it wasn't as mind-boggling as Switzerland; I think they've tinkered with the transition a bit since we last went, but that's ok.

  • slowerthanilook wrote (see)

    Well said, Spital's finest!

    I really ought to go where Crashie goes. I stoopidly managed to get my kids' spreadshirt tees printed with "Crashies Little Fan Club", thinking that was just a sample print and I'd be able to get my own name inserted. They'd have a purpose if Crashie was there too!

    I'm scared stiff of that website.i've seen some great mistakes.but that goes near the top of the listimage

  • I seem to remember ATOM giving away a shirt or two that had been ordered by his M-i-L image

    There are enoough Pirates now to make for a decent turnout at several events a year and I know we've had fantastic fun with all the hoo-ha of the 'official' race at a different event; only thing missing was the official trophies (though I do treasure my Pirates Fuzzy Feltsimage ) 'Tis really what you make it; if you're at an unofficial event, organise your own mince off image

  • Surely you cut your cloth to suit yourself.

    People get Stella'd up a couple of times a week. That's fine; it's their money.

    People want to go foreign IMs. That's fine; it's their money.

    If you want to do something really badly, then surely you would make whatever sacrifices are necessary. If you can't, or don't want to, make those sacrifices, then do you want it badly enough
  • This year and last year have had massive pirate races at outlaw and wales.......for those who do not want to save for austria in 2 years time there will still be pirate outing in this country........

    without organising our own pirate ironman race with free bikes and wetsuits  then there is no way to make it accessible to the whole country...........unless you have worked out a way.....

    so it is arranged with notice and then individuals can make their own choices and dscisions........maybe a few will give up alcohol for the 2 years to save for it.or sell a kidney...or decided that they are happy to stay at home.......

    or maybe some will prefer to do just one ironman and so would prefer it to be one big one abroad rather than do a few home ones.

    everyones an adult here and make their own decisions on what they want to do with their money

  • "What the Pirates is about" is evolving all the time; it was for IM; it was all about 'swim a bit, bike a lot, run a lot'; it was about a road trip; it was about having fun with a few mates.

    Now there are training plans, people doing sprints, racing in Britain, playing with loads of people, even winning things; none of it was in the original plan, but that's ok, it's changed.

    You don't join up, just join in, there's no official club, so there's no rules and no agenda; if anyone wants to do a Pirate Race at any event anywhere, they're free to do so; ATOm and I are off to Vichy this year; i think Ironwolf is doing the half; voila, one instant Pirate Party (of 3) image

  • I wouldn't have done outlaw if it was abroad. But having sailed on the ship I'd definitely go abroad with the pirates.

    But a nod too KK, it's not cheap and i'll have to save. But if it was cheap everyone would do it.
  • Pray teacher .....which part do you find so hard to understand...maybe try reading it in the morning and it might all become clearer......I'm just as illiterate as I have ever been so it must be some fault your end

  • Just with the cost of entries tri and especially IM s serious commitment and you need dosh to do i have had to give up beer and fags so i can do this sport FFS

    Even running is gettng daft ??30+ for the Plymouth Half Mara

    Times is hard but by giving as much notice as possible for the big ticket trips at least people who are not rolling in it a fighting chance to play plus there is always asizable chunk of us who will do Uk based events every year

    You pays yer money (if uou got it) and takes yer choice
  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)
    I wouldn't have done outlaw if it was abroad. But having sailed on the ship I'd definitely go abroad with the pirates.

    Same here Cat. I would love to go to a foreign championship, with the family fan club in the holidays.

  • Its not a grammar club
  • KK....WTF.......I have never touched your daughter........I haven't been near your house in a couple of years.....Buts its a nice new accusion to add to the long list you have made about people on the forumimage

  • Ridgebackmax wrote (see)
    Its not a grammar club


  • Do Nirvana still have guaranteed entries with their packages?

  • wasn't nirvana a pop group.........

    so my year off in 2015 will be trying to learn to swim without a wetsuit..........will a year be enoughimage

  • I believe so Crashie ....

  • Nirvana.



    Wash yer firkin mouth out woman.

    And yes, get rid of that effing pull buoy.

  • Pop   image

    So have we actually got anywhere to go in 2014???   Timbuctoo?  Probably not the best place to be at the moment  !!!

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    You did, a few years ago you you grabbed her because you thought I was asking her to comply with something she didn't agree with. You scared her shitless, I shrugged it off because I know you've had to deal with violent boys.

    lets be honest Kk...if any mother thought someone else was restraining their kid they would say something and stop it straight away ......and never let that person in their house again...........I take it your threads a bit quiet again and you need to get your atention on someones elses again......nothings changed

  • maybe Mouse i could just cut one layer off my pullbuoy every month or so until there was just a small piece of rubber left between your legsimage

  • KK what's that got to do with the IM trip.

    Why do you come on the Tri theads pedaling your own agenda, you did it the other week on the 2013 kit thread, it got so out of hand the thread had to be locked and a new one started.

    No one saying Ironman is cheap, no its not as cheap as running, but its not the first time youve raised it. 

  • I am going to come round your house and hide them all !!!

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