Hoka stockists in London?

Does anyone know of any running shops in London that stock Hoka shoes? Specifically Stinson Evo's?  The only one on their website is on the Fulham Road and doesn't sell them any more! Cheers


  • finding anywhere with stock of Hoka's is a nightmare - they're as rare as rocking horse crap - and even on line retailers (and there aren't many of them) have very limited stock.

    you're best taking a punt on buying a pair on-line - if they don't suit, someone will snap them up on ebay.  one thing - they do come up small so go a half or a size larger than normal.  I love mine but I think they may be 1/2 size too small as my right big toe now has a black toenail from hitting the end

  • Hi Runboy, i appreciate its not acutally "in" London, but i use Ten-Point running shop for my Hoka One One's.

    they are at - 

    36 Bois Lane

    Chesham Bois, Amersham

    not sure if they stock the Stinson, but it might be worth a ring. They are very helpful and knowledgable.

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