Anyone just been made redundant??? Has it affected your running?

Anyone just been made redundant? Any advice not happened to me before in my 35 years of working. Being very positive and going to get a new job got a couple of interviews lined up, just need to know when the office is going to shut now!!image If I dont get a job I am turning pro athlete!!!


  • I knew someone who got made redundant. He had so much more time to train after that. 7 years later he still hasn't had a job. Unfortunately his self confidence took a turn for the worse and he became an alcoholic and can hardly run at all these days.

    Hope this helps
  • Nice confidence boost there SR

  • Sorry sometimes my true stories aren't that positive. Maybe I should have put some spin on it.
  • image Are you a social worker Sussex Runner???
    Had the best ever sales figures in the UK and IReland of 3.66 milion GBP and best ever January of 400K and yet cost cutting continues so thats no precursor to redundancy......

  • Your employers must be mad to make you redundant after best ever January of 400k.
  • I was made redundant about 18mth ago now. At the time it's an awful thing to go through - mainly due to the uncertainty as to the hows, whys and whens. I made the decision to give it a go working for myself - used my payout to fund my first couple of months doing what I did before but on an outsourced freelance basis. I work from home writing reports for financial advisers and can fit the work in and around my running (!) and my daughter's schooling. Means I never have to ask a boss permission for an hour off to watch a school play, and now I'm only six weeks away from my first marathon, I'm able to do some of my mid-week runs during the day and take advantage of the daylight and do the work in the evenings instead if I need to. Looking back, it forced me to make a change which vastly improved mine and my family's lives for the better, but I know had the redundancy not forced my hand, I never would have had the guts to do it otherwise.

    Hope everything turns out well for you.

  • I got made redundant last April in fact just three days after the VLM....Did it affect my running, well no not really, apart from the fact that I got bit of a payoff I entered loads more races than I normaly would have. I was looking forward to a summer of being a pro athlete. But then tradgedy struck and I got another job 5 weeks later, which has had more of an impack to my running as the new company have started sending me all over Europe...image


  • Must admit the shock after such a good spell of sales in the UK/Ireland and feeling slightly manfluey this week has knocked the miles off and I have felt knackered, probably due to the disturbed nights sleep and restless kip I have not been having. Got back on it this lunch though and did a 10k so happy with that. Find out Monday where we stand hopefully..........going to handle everything from Holland how they can do that I do not know they are bonkers, they have shut France, Poland, Germany and Swiss export office too over the last 12 months and all its done has kill sales in those countries, despite being all profitable. Part of a massive Swedish company who are killing jobs world wide, Trelleborg......crazy......

  • Bastid Swedes   I worked for Ericsson, and somehow even making 2.4 Billion in profit it wasn't enough to satisfy the suits.....

  • 2.4 billion? Wow is that how much they had to pay Sven?
  • I was made redundant 5 months ago after 23 years.  Unfortunately due to all my unexpected free time I overtrained and became injured!  Good luck with finding a new job, there is work out there, and it can be a blessing in disguise.  I hadn't realised how much I disliked my job until I left!  I'm now working part time in completely different field, with time for sensible amounts of exercise, and feeling happier than I've been in a long time.  Good to get out of a rut sometimes!

  • I promise you that 2 days after the company has announced a 12% growth and those profits to be told as part of a "Profit Improvement Program" you are being replaced by 3 people in Croatia it is a real kick in the nuts

  • Hey mcs try and be positive, I know it's hard! Think how prepared you'll be for Edinburgh this year (you are going this year, right??!!)
  • When it happened to me last year, after 30 years, my running suffered at first as I got depressed. Running then became a significant factor in moving out of depression and being able to run in daylight, even twice a day, really helped. I then picked up an injury (racing, not overtraining), which was a pain! In the past few months my running has been back to my standard of ten years ago. I'm working again now - part of me misses the training opportunities!

  • I am being positive guys thanks for the comments.........not doing Edinburgh this year, not picked a marathon this year due to other events but got a couple of races planned. Grindleford Gallop on March 9th and Coniston 14 on the 23rd of March. Not sure about a marathon this year the ankle is rather sore when I get up to longer runs, broke it in 2008 and it complains loudly after about 15/16 miles at the moment.......need some warm weather training me thinks, now there is an idea...image

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