Pain in heel

Hi all. I have a pain in the back of my right heel, right on the bone. It just came on out of the blue on sunday after doing a 9 mile run on the saturday. It only hurts when i have footwear on, especially and more so my running shoes. I havent run since the saturday and when i walk around barefoot i feel totally fine. Does anybody have an idea what this could be? I was told it was likely an inflamed tendon but now am worried it might be AT and am seriously hoping its not. Any advice is very much appreciated indeed :S


  • Hi Andrew,

    Are you feeling the pain as below 2nd or 3rd pix ? Since you say you don't have the pain when you walk barefoot..have you tried changing the shoes? If problem persist after changing a shoe try goin to physio and getting MRI. I hope nothing serious..

    Good luck



  • I can't really bring myself to run in anything really. Woman who sold me the brooks connect said about going back to the Nike air Pegasus but I don't reckon I could run in them either. I have a horrible feeling its not good, too much, too soon in a new shoe that I felt I'd grown into but clearly didn't. Doctors tomorrow as after two weeks rest am still not ready to run. Its only in my right heel though, my left heel is fine but then am left footed so am guessing that side is stronger, no half marathon for me next month, image
  • Okay what I can think of now is to make an appoinment to podiatry. He/She might be able to help and narrow down your problem. But do keep in mind that doing a MRI / X-ray will help you alot and have you tried performing any stretches for your heels.. Can you try this and see if there any pains you feel while doing these stretches ? good luck.. 




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