Too tired today...wimped out

Really tired today so I have decided to postpone my tempo run until tomorrow...feeling guilty though as I'll probably miss the cross-training session I was due to do tomorrow... image


  • Hey chin up, we all miss sessions for one reason or another. I think alot of people are struggling with the winter blues, feeling tired and putting stuff off. I put off my gym session yesterday so I could go home earlier and chill out! image

  • Thanks Daniel, glad its not just me! Feet up and TV on days are always good, right!?

  • Of course!  We all need time to refuel, rest and ready ourselves for the next onslaught!! Don't feel guilty and tell yourself you'll just be fresher for next time! image

  • Listen to the body. Seems to work for the east Africans!!!
  • If its good enough for Scott Jurek it's good enough for you! We all miss days now and then, just make sure you get out tomorrow!
  • Everyone misses days every so often. Don't feel so bad. Just try not to get into a habit of skipping sessions, that could end up badly!

  • Did it today instead...feel much better now image

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