Wasdale half ironman

Has anyone done this triathlon and if so have any tips? It will be my first one having only done sprints before!! Help!!!


  • do a course recce - i want to do it but not before i have actually seen how hard it is image 


  • According to FB are doing one in June I think
  • We live up here and train on the routes. It is not a course one would like to meet typical tri times but if the weather behaves and the traffic over the passes is quiet you will at least enjoy the views. A course recce is a very good idea as is knowing how touse a map and compass. good luck. 


     on an evening run decending off Lingmel nose. 

  • The view is stunning, thanks. I am expecting it to be the hardest thing I have ever done image
  • i love living here it really is a beautifully scary place. the foxes tarn route from the pike to scafell is a bit rubbish but for an organised event a fair enough choice. hardknott going east is nasty, wrynose going west is never ending, out of great langdale and irton pike just warm the legs up.  wast water  is always cold just depends on wind direction as to how hellish it is. it'll be great! 

     you are brave doing a triathlons especially here! 

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