Question for the 'larger' gentlemen, or indeed ladies...

Gut bras.  

There, I've said it.  I need one.  More accurately, my running activities are being constrained by the fact that I have an 'impressive' amount of flab bouncing up and down trying to rip itself off my stomach every time I run.  

I want to run.  I hate the bikes at the gym (but use a turbo trainer at home) and the cross-trainer gets so boring after a while.  So what can I do about this?  Any suggestions please?

And yes, I know the ultimate answer is to lose the gut, but that is kinda the point of the running... image


  • Maybe try a compression top? They do tend to look a bit odd if you've not got the physique but you could wear a conventional top over it.

  • You might also try a maternity belt? No-one would know.

  • Maternity belt is looking a goer (as embarrasing as it is - best keep a baggy shirt not tucked in).  Not sure a compression top would give me the support, and a decent one is quite expensive.

  • I would also think of ways to make other forms of exercise more appealing in the gym, to complement the running.  Do you have access to spinning classes?  Compared to either lonesome sessions on the exercise bike or the turbo at home, spinning classes are way more bearable, even something to look forward to.  Spinning was fairly pivotal in the "exercise momentum" I needed when I shifted a lot of weight a few years ago.  Also don't underestimate the importance of strength/resistance training.  If you can put a good varied regime together combining cardio and strength training you might find the weight coming off a little quicker.  Good luck.

  • Remember that diet plays a bigger part in weight loss than exercise, so it's great you're determined to exercise, and it will help, but look at what you're eating too.
  • Ah.... now I've clicked on the thread, I realise that I'm not "that sort" of larger gentleman.

    Sorry, I can't help.

  • Run Wales wrote (see)

    Ah.... now I've clicked on the thread, I realise that I'm not "that sort" of larger gentleman.

    Sorry, I can't help.

    I'm slightly concerned that you would be thinking about 'ladies' who are larger in that way... image

    Anyway, yes, trying to vary the routine.  At the minute a big part of it is weights to try and build up the muscles, especially on the legs given my recent knee op.  Diet is in there too - I dropped about 3 stone on dietary changes alone, and now taken another stone off through combination.  Its just that having hit 90kg, progression is difficult.  Want to get down to 82.5, and then see where we get to.

    And spinning?  Isn't that deeply evil?  I have to say I tend to work better when I'm attached to the bike with cleats, although I might give spinning a go.

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