Marathon du Medoc

Anyone know when registration opens for the Marathon du Medoc? It says on the website February, but it's not open yet... i just don't want to miss it, as i know the places fill up quickly!

Anyone else planning on entering for 2013 or any tips on what packages to get -- is it best to book entry and hotel together or go 'off-piste' (so to speak) for accommodation?





  • Arg - i've just posted this in the wrong forum -- i'm new to this and not sure how to change this --- sorry all!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi K-Dawg - I did it last year and started a thread about it so there's lots of different options listed on there.

    If I remember correctly it was mid-late February and places were open until April time I think. I had such a great time and had a really fantastic weekend (but it was really hot!).

    Make sure you get into the mood of it and dress up image

  • Hi

    I am entering, registration opens in second half of Feb according to email I recieved. Guesss you should try the website each day.

    Where you from and where you staying?



  • Hi both -- thanks for the link to the previous thread Emmy -- some great tips!

    Will definitely be dressing up!

    Mike  - myself and my friend Vicci are from Jersey and we haven't made accomodation plans yet (which is probably a slight fail, but we do want to know we'll get places in the marathon first!)... It looks great fun. How about yourself?


  • PS - entries are open image

  • We are in K-Dawg!!  whoop whoop!!  image

  • I'm going back for a third time.  Love this event to bits.

  • YEY! Woop! We're in too -- camping at Les Ourmes for a truly 'rounded' experience! Hehe

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