Four DayWeek

I see that the Gambian government has given its workers Fridays off.

I would love to do a four day week, still doing the same hours but in just four days.

oh and as long as the kids still had to go to school on Fridaysimage


  • I'd rather not have the 20% pay cut and other benefits that might be affected.

  • why would it be a 20% pay cut?

  • as long as I don't have to "pray, socialise and tend to fields" instead. I'd rather go running on my own.

  • i don think you understanded the post people??

    no pay cut, just working to make up the lost hours!

  • duh..... some people don't read things properly...

    As I said I would rather do 4 x 10hrs and have Friday off Stil working 40 hrs/weekimage

  • same. in fact i'd rather just work 1.5 days non-stop and have 5.5 OFF image

  • I'd like this. I know some public sector organisations offer good flexible working arrangements which allow you to build up hours (mostly for office staff) and then use the built up hours to have time off.

    I know some council workers who can work up the hours to have 2 days off per month as 'time owed'. That'd be ideal for me as 40 hours in 4 days would be a lot but working the extra days hours over 9 days wouldn't be too bad.

  • I used to love having a day off a month the hours up over the really bust 10 day period and then take it off at the slightly quieter time of the month.image

  • a lot of night shifts work less days as they work long nights.......

  • I did shift work for a while.  Though 5 days... Mainly days and afters.

    I loved it.   Working 2-10pm meant I had some morning free to lie in and do stuff... but didn't spend my money in the pub.  Working 6-2 meant gave me long afternoons and evenings. And extra cash.

    So I tended to have more money... and daytime hours to myself all year round.

    As for the OP...  I'd agree.

  • sometimes i have to work long days : aptly named as i start at 7am and finish at 21:30  - i have 2 weeks of these to do in feb image they seem okay as i get 4 days off, but the days at work mean i can do nothing those days , even cokking gets tricky , lots of prepping on day off to enable all day at work , i don't see kids either , they sleeping when i leave and sleeping when i return

    i often get so tired i  waste some of day off recovering

    i prefer when i am am early/lates rota , i work an extra day but its not so draing and i get to run and sleep better

    theres much to be said for pacing yourself, in running and in life, not to burn out

    mind you i like my job , sadly i actually feel at home at work as i do in my own home

  • apologies for  not spell checking my typos  - shocking errors lol image

  • I'd love to be able to do that, I'd be at home right now image

  • Im a shift worker and only work 14 12hr shifts so get 2 weeks off per 28 days, including a block of 7 straight rest days the 7 nights on the bounce can be a bit tedious.

  • The US Government may possibly  give Government workers one or two days a week off in the near future - without pay, they are broke!

  • I would not like that at all. I know that people do that in my job, work 3 or 4 12 hr shifts. I don't like long days. I prefer to work 6hr shifts though I'm part time relief so I only work the hrs I want. Of course it means less money but I have the money I need and I'd rather not work more hrs even if it meant I earnt more. I'd rather have the extra time to myself so I can run, swim, cycle, play hockey, do the gardening etc. Working 8 - 8 plus night cover would mean I couldn't do any of that. Pants.

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