100ks in 10 days

Hi Everyone,

To give myself a challenge / focus and to raise some money for charity, I'm thinking about doing a '100ks in 10days'.  I'm looking for advice on how to structure it and some training advice.  I'm still a pretty casual fun runner.  I've run a few half marathons in the past and have recently run a few 10ks.  

- Is it best to keep it steady?  10 x 10ks?  Or increase some distances and have rest days?

- Any advice on how to prepare and ensure that I complete it?




  • I'd say it depends what you want to achieve.  To make it easier on the body, and make things practial, I might suggest  that you do, on the 10 days you run:  18K, 0K, 18K, 0K, 18K, 0K, 18K, 0K 18K, 10K.

    But if you're raising money for charity, and if you've got the time, it has a better ring to it if you do ten consecutive 10K runs.   Probably a bit more risk of picking up a niggle though.

    Whatever you do, I'm sure you know that you should build your weekly mileage up steadily, and concentrate on steady running rather than thinking about interval training or any nonsense like that!

  • I would suggest build up slowly to prepare; but it should not be too difficult. I would simply do 10k per day, but consider doing 2x 5k runs morning and evening.

  • As Run Wales said, if it's a charity thing then it probably looks / sounds better if your doing 10 lots of 10k. Otherwise, I'd probably go for a rest day in the middle and something along the lines of 18, 12, 10, 0, 18, 12, 10, 0, 10, 10.

    In terms of preparing for it. It depends how much mileage your already doing? If you do 30K+ per week already then it shouldn't be too difficult. If not, then build up to that sort of weekly mileage slowly.

  • Thanks very much, everyone!  I too like the idea of 10 X 10Ks but I think my body will prefer a rest!  18, 12, 10, 0 sounds good.    

  • I was looking for some advice on this and came across your post. To celebrate my son's graduation and my 50th birthday, we are going to run 100Ks in 10 days. We will travel to our favorite places in California, starting and ending in San Francisco. If this goes well, next year, we plan to create a fundraiser for Neurofibromatosis. Mark, did you complete your run?
  • Hi!  I'm afraid I ended up doing something longer-term, setting myself a 6 month km target instead.  Would love to do this in the future though.  Good luck!

  • if you give yourself time to gradually increase the weekly mileage volume that you regularly run, and do it at a low intensity, so you're more likely to avoid injury, then 6miles a day for 10 days won't feel too bad at all. it's not like you're entering 10x 10k races on consecutive days, so you can take it as easy as you like.

    I went from not having run for about a year (having previously only ever run sporadically as it was, 5k here and there, max 18miles a week, then nothing for a couple of weeks, then 10 miles a week, then nothing, that kind of haphazard approach) to running regularly around 50miles per week for my marathon training, just by giving myself plenty of time to build up the weekly mileage, so it didn't ever feel like a huge stress on my body, as it got stronger as the weeks went on.


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