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Hello, little about me I've been training 11 months, when i first started I was 20st and currently 14st 10 and can run the 1.5 mile in 12.23! I passed Pre-Selection on monday and they want to send me away for selection end of feb.. Is there any chance of me cutting the 1min23sec of in 1 month?  I currently go to a Military bootcamp x3 a week, 1 4/5 mile steady jog and sprints..

Is this a good thing to do or should i be mixing it up a little more?

Thanks for any replies, Mark!


  • Mark

    I'm sure that others will be along soon with more solid training advice, but from what I know, having done this activity a few times, is that fartleks are your friend. Look to do more running to the max of 3 miles and chuck in a few faster sections during the run

    I would also say that on the day you'll be properly warmed up and I would also add in the fact that you'll not be doing this alone and you'll find extra incentive as you run as part of a group.

    Finally, you will also find some extra advice on

    Good luck !


  • Couple more things

    - do you need to hit 11mins ?   I thought run times related to the Regt/Corps you were applying for

    -they wouldn't have put you forward if they didn't think you could do it

  • I spent 8 years in the army and if I remember right you do press ups first, then sit ups then the run. The sit ups they make you do in their style are more designed to put strain on the hip flexors, practice these until they are easy, it will help with your run, I was told that can add 30 seconds on your run time
  • I still thinks it's appalling that an overweight middle aged average running slow coach like me can easilly beat the ops time... I could pass the other tests too. I shouldn't be able to.

  • I know what you mean Lardarse!!

  • Very true, Lardarse, but my understanding is that these are very much entrance level tests. 

    After x number of weeks training, particularly for Infantry, there would be a huge improvement.

  • Hi Everyone - There is a new website that has a lot of resources for people who are joining or considering The Army. It has details on all the physical tests for selection and a lot of resources for getting to the required level of fitness.

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