Stress Fracture

I twisted my ankle between Christmas and New Year, followed RICE, rested for over 2 weeks. Thought it felt ok to try and run on, so then ran on the road for 2 wks without any pain. Then when I was on my treadmill had excrutiating pain in my heel. After visitng GP went for an x-ray and this is where my problems really begin!

The radiologist said I had a stress fracture and took me round to A&E, the nurse practioner said neither he or his colleagues could see anything. He went to talk to consultant and they decided there was a stress fracture (he even showed me the x-ray on the computer, so I've seen the crack). Had a referral to the fracture clinic this week and the surgeon says he can't see anything on the x-ray! Now I have to wait until next Friday for an MRI scan.

I have a place for the Brighton Marathon in April and also another 4 marathons planned this year.

Getting frustrated as doctors can't seem to agree if I have a fracture or not, also not really been given much advice on how to deal with it or how long it might take to heal or till I can run again. Have got crutches and considering doing my planned races with them!

Any one else had this? is it normal for things to be so wishy-washy? from your experiences how long should I be prepared to be out of action for?

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