Six Nations 2013



  • Lord Haw Haw Nemo has been a bit quiet today. Is she going to start supporting Italy now?
  • I can't believe you are a rugger bugger NLR????
  • Rugby bores me but I can just about bear it when England, the team of my birth are doing well. Can't understand people who choose the team they want based on the fact they play in a nice colour. "Oooohh blue that's nice, forget loyalty let's follow the French"
  • the dude abides wrote (see)

    yes i predict a slow start for england too image

    Not too slow really !

  • any decent side would have put 100 past us image

  • I'm still here image

    Didn't even get to see the game as I was stuck doing OT, not sure I can bring myself to watch it image

    Well done Italy! Now please beat one of the other big teams just to make it fair image

    (If I was going to be supporting teams based on colour it would be the Irish, blue is so NOT my colour image)

  • *prods thread*

    Have I killed it?

    Not making predictions this week but I'd like Italy, Ireland and France to win image

  • My predictions as well! Wish I was in Dublin on Sunday.
  • I'm going for Italy, Wales and England, but would concede I could be wrong on all three; it's quite a close championship this year.

  • Italy, France/Walse draw, Ireland.

    Ireland V England could be the game of the tournament. Should be close. Either way hope that tries rather than kicks settle it.

  • scotland by 3 points image france and england.

  • delighted to be wrong! image jings!


  • Well, bugger me sideways!  I went out training this afternoon as it seemed preferable to watching Scotland getting humped up the a**e. Whaddya know - seems I was wrong. image

  • I was trying to do some work this afternoon as I thought I would be depressed watching Scotland (I am Scottish, but lived in Englandshire since I was 3). My mum ended up texting me telling me to watch the second half- needless to say I didn't get much work done after that.Italy seemed to be a different team to last week, and it is lovely to watch Scotland score tries after years of frustration.  

  • bloody hell is this shit still going on? England had a trophy last weekend. I thought that was the end of it.
  • I will take a look. Are they playing now. Is it Les Blues against the team of Nemo's birth?
  • No No it's Australia playing France. WAL must mean the Wallabies.
  • Not a girl but Fuck me invite sounds tempting
  • Well that was a big suprise; I though we would have been thumped by France. Great defence by Wales.

    Missed the Scotland Italy game, County XC League but looks as if Italy were outclassed.

  • I am here to eat my words, wow they taste great.

  • Rubbish game, rubbish  pitch and rubbish result image

    Well done Wales and Scotland.

    Wooden spoon for France this year I think image


  • Allez les bleus
  • Ireland 25 England 0

    I got one right!

  • bit of a battle this. come on england.

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