Altitude training system in Manchester at Core Conditioning

At Core Conditioning Ltd we have invested in a state of the art altitude training system from Just Breathe.  The system has proven results in increasing peoples training and fitness levels, and in turn event times.  The system involves sitting comfortably on our sofa and breathing reduced oxygen for 4 7minute intervals.  The amount of oxygen given to you is constantly altered depending on how your body is reacting. You really can get fitter by sitting down and reading the paper!  For more information please get in touch either via email or on 07450217892.


  • Is that how the Team GB athletes trained - they went to altitude and sat around on sofas reading newspapers. Lazy buggers. I hoped we made them sweat for a bit of lottery funding

  • Haha. Going to altitude isn't an option for those athletes without lottery funding so we are a much easier and more affordable option. Still no sweating though!
  • but surely when athletes go to altitude training camps......they don't just go and sunbathe by the pool..they exercise there to get the benefits............image

    so why would just sitting in altitude make you fitter


  • By reducing the amount of oxygen you are breathing the bodies ability to carry and utilise oxygen efficiently increases. When you then return to the norm of 21% O2 your body can use more of this oxygen to drive chemical reactions within it. In essence the altitude increases fitness by making you more efficient at utilising the O2 available. With regards to exercising at altitude this would of course be more beneficial than just sitting, as the body will have more adaptations when stressed. Hope that answers your question.
  • was interested but just seem you are spamming all over the forum.and I never trust spammers so bye

  • I'm sorry you feel that way. As I have stated on the other thread that was not the intention.
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