5k to 10k - Minutes or Metres?

Hi - I completed the couch to 5k last year, and then broke my ankle.

I've started again this year and get out 3 times a week I have gone and entered the regency10k on April the 7th. Currently have got to the 5k mark again. With 8 and a bit weeks to go, whats the best way to get me up to 10k.

Some people have suggested increasing each run by 5 minutes each time, others increase the distance by say 0.5k.

I expect its personal preference etc, but would welcome advice. Currently 5k is about 33 minutes, is a sub 60minute 10k realistic?



  • 5 minutes or 0.5k ain't really a kick off the arse of each other, I'm sure some of the more experienced runners will offer more advice. Personally I'd increase the distance without worrying too much on pace. Run slower for longer if it helps you to cover more distance once you are used to running the distance and you know your capable then you will naturally challenge yourself pace wise! Then once you have 10k in the bank you can start targeting your sub 60 goal using mile repeats etc

    Good Luck
  • If you're not covering the distance with 8 weeks to go, don't worry about time on the day. Just enjoy it and get a time to beat in the future.

    It doesn't really matter whether you increase time or distance. When I was first building up I went on time, as I couldn't be bothered working out distances! Now I go by distance.

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