I am in the middle of VLM training, I have noticed my diet has big affects on my runs. I don't really want to pay someone to put together a plan for me as I know the majority is common sense. Having said that, I would like a bit of guidance, I have bought Runners World Guide to Running and saw they have Nutrition version as well. 


Can anyone recommend a good nutrition guide? If anyone has the Runners World Nurtrition guide, I'd be interested to hear whether you've found it useful. 


  • i've got it and the basics are pretty much:

    whole foods = better running 

    as opposed to eating shit all the time. it mentions the importance of protein, and the swaps you can make such as sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes, quinona instead of brown rice, and general things like that. it's got loads of good recipes- definitely worth buying! good luck with training (-:

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