Wannabe Ultra Marathoner with Food Issues

As one of my mad ideas for celebrating my 40th Birthday I have decided to enter the Run to the Castle Ultra (40 miler) this August. I obviously have never do anything as mad as this and I was wondering what do people generally eat on these extremely long run/walks. I normally use energy gels whilst running but don't really fancy taking a box load to keep me going, plus I guess I'd be feeling rather ill by the end of the day.

Any advise would be greatful, as like I mentioned I'm all new to this and rather scared now image

All the best



  • Let's strike a deal Dizzy, I'll answer your question in detail if you can't already find the answer by searching an existing thread.
  • Thanks for the advice Lirish, very helpful. I won't bother with a forum again.........as this was my first post!!

  • Find out what they supply on the check points and test out on long runs. If none of that works try out your own stuff until you find what works and is stomach friendly to you. I favour cake, flapjack, bananas - usually high fat energy dense stuff. Don't leave it too late during the race to eat otherwise your digestion may struggle.
    Main thing is test it before and don't eat new stuff on the day (mostly - if you're starving and near the end it's not so critical!)

  • And sprouts are real food! (not recommended for races though!)

  • Thank you JeremyG and kittenkat you've just restored my faith in human nature, as the first reply I received was abit abrupt.

    So cake is good then JeremyG.....well you don't get to hear that too often.

    And I'll give the sprouts a miss I think kittenkat.

    Thanks again

  • Instead of throwing your toys out of your pram Dizzy why don't you actually listen to what I said, the question you've asked is one that crops up here on a weekly basis from posters like you, who've ever been on the forum before but join simply to ask advice from people they don't know. This has been asked and answered dozens of time here, members have typed the answer repeatedly giving up their time and effort for people who can't do the most basic of searches to find what you're looking for.

    The wannabe thread is a little unwieldy but contains everything you need to know, as I said look and if you have any specific questions then by all means ask them
  • Dizzy771 wrote (see)

    Thanks for the advice Lirish, very helpful. I won't bother with a forum again.........as this was my first post!!


    what about the other thread you started about a half marathon??

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    Sprouts are aliens pretending to be real food.

    im can defo back that up. little demon balls of fart!

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