Anyone in already?


Who out there has a place already? I've got one by virtue of having had to pull out this year.

It's a relief being able to train without having to worry about whether I've got a place or not, but all the same, I'd have loved to have run this year after all that training.

Good luck to all of those hoping for a place via the ballot :o)



  • hi im a new runner and although ive only been running four months i know that i should be capable of going around in about four hours and twenty mins,my problem is that i really want to run in 2003 for two charities heart and cancer,but if i go through the normal course of ballots what are the chances of a novice like me of getting picked,whereas if i apply for a golden bond place i would have to guarantee to raise a sum in the region of £850-£1500 and i would have to do so for a charity other than my prefered choice?? i know that the main thing is to take part and raise as much for charity(and they all need our support)as possible but i really could do with knowing what sort of odds going for my prefered charities or golden bond with the possibilty of me needing to pay the bulk of commitment through less than expected support! any and all comments would be gratefuly received,cheers
    dave h
  • Hi,
    I have a place via a golden bond place. The best place to look for charity places is in runners world. I ran for Phab this year and i am doing the same again next year. I also have posted my ballot form off and, will enter my club ballot. What ever way i get in i will be running. My training has started, and as i have a blank vest, if anyone or a bussiness would like to sponser my clothing, i would in return a) be grateful and B) wear your logo on all my training clothing as well as my race gear.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    I'm in due to my 2:57 this year which fits into the good for age category. There's probably 4 or 5 forum regulars who have beaten 3:15 (3:45 for girlies) over the past year.

    It certainly makes a difference training knowing that you already have a place.
  • I have managed to get a place by pledging to a charity, Kids on the Go. This way i was able to get a guaranteed place by promising to raise 1600 pounds, this is easily doable by April. This will be my first marathon but by going on 10k times and over races im hoping to achieve a time of around 3.30. Does anyone recommend running another marathon first????
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Andrew, in an ideal world I would say yes to running another marathon first, however I don't think you have enough time to accomplish this and the injury risk is maybe too great as well. So long as you can get a good few long runs, (one or two at marathon pace) then you should do ok. There are a few 20 mile races in the months leading up to London which can also help.
  • Hi guys. There's a sure way to get in,but it costs! Just move to another country and enter through a running tour group. I live in Germany and have run London 4 times, once through the ballot, once on the official Flora team, and twice by booking a tour.

  • I am in I have booked my place with a tour! No ballot this year. No charity, well not as much.
  • It's mad that one has to go to the extent of applying from outside the UK to get into the FLM!!!

    I am lucky to have a guaranteed place due to being Good for Age from my time at London this year, but I tried 4 times before I got in and it might sound a bit sad but everytime I got my cheque returned early December I felt pretty sick as I had endured training in the dark and bad weather and was often planning my runs over Xmas to be knocked back again!!!

    For those that don't get in, keep trying each year as it is definitely worth the wait.
  • Dave, use all your options.

    Start by applying through the ballot. There's a substantial chance that you'll be rejected, but if you're one of the lucky ones whose name comes out of the hat you will have your own place and can choose your own charity, even a small local one that doesn't have golden bond places. You're not committed to raising a four-figure sum, so the fundraising pressure is off. Most big charities are happy for "own-place" runners to join their teams.

    If you're rejected in the ballot, start contacting charities for a golden bond place and be prepared for some heavy duty can-rattling and jam-making.

    If you haven't done a sponsored event before, it's surprising how many people are willing to donate. ou can assure them that if they are paying for you to suffer, they will get good value for money!

    For future reference, the Great North Run and several other major events are first-come-first-served, so you can avoid the need to take a golden bond place if you're quick to apply.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Hi all,

    I got a 'good for age' time this year, and just can't decide whether to enter for 2003! I had thought I'd give myself a break from it - I found the training a huge time drain (but run a lot anyway!). But it does seem criminal not to take up a gifted place....(but will I regret it when on 3 hr training runs in February??!)

    Anyone else having the same dilemma???
  • I would imagine I will get a place if not through the ballot then through my running club as a lot of my club are running on championship and good for age places. Also I've helped out marshalling at the 2001 FLM when I wasn't able to run so I don't know if that helps my eligibility for one of my club places.
  • Wonder Woman, go for it as you will regret it if you don't! Ask yourself why you did FLM in 2002, what kept you going through those training runs last February and how you felt when you finished FLM.
  • Hi guys,
    Is anyone running the Dublin Marathon?

  • Yes I am and looking forawrd to it!

    Are you?
  • You're right Wolfy! I'm just delaying the inevitable...I may as well fill in that form tonight!

    What time are you hoping for at Dublin? Very brave to take on 2 marathons in a year..your 3 hr runs must be a weekly fixture year round!!!
  • Knew you would Wonder Woman good on you!

    I am hoping for a 3:30 max at Dublin which will give me the confidence to train for a 3:15 at FLM next year.

    Each year I plan to do the FLM (whenever I get the chance to get in that is) and ANOther overseas one that I haven't done.

    What time are you hoping for next year at FLM?
  • I got 3:01 in London 2001 so am "Good for age" at 34!
    Does anyone know when the guaranteed entry forms get sent out as I want
    to run for a charity the real way and dare not tell them I am in unless I see it written
    in blood on 400 year old parchment signed by the queen.
    Chris Smith
  • Well I've not really thought about a time goal yet! I did 3:35 this year and felt I had a bit in the sub 3:30 would be nice but not sure what a more 'stretch' target would be! Think I am prob too slow for 3:15...maybe in a couple more years!
  • Chris,

    The entry form says that you must write before the 18th October so I should imagine that they will wait until after then before sending out guaranteed entry forms perhaps.
  • Wonder Woman: 3:35 is 7 mins faster than me so I'm sure you'll have no problem pushing for 3:30 next year. I didn't have the time to train sufficiently to warrant a better time than 3:42 but I'm redressing that to ensure that I give myself the best chance in Dublin.

    Think big!!!!!!
  • Carrie

    I'm running in Dublin!
  • I'm doing the Snowdon Marathon the day before Dublin.
    I like to push it!
    Should be under 3:15 this time (Third time)
    Enjoy the Guiness in Dublin, many of the Ropsley Runners will be there on a
    club organised trip. You WILL see them!
  • Chris your mad!
  • Try the London to Brighton 55 mile and Snowdon Marathon and Snowdon 10 Mile (Up and Down) and 40 plus
    other races in one year like I did in 2000. That is mad! Get a nice fit body but sleep well.
    Fint the nearest bar to the finish and that should be where our runners are.
    Chris (Off to the Gym now)
  • Chris

    In terms of when to apply for a guaranteed charity place, do it is soon as you can but remember that quite a few charities ask you to enter through the ballot as well and don't actually give out their places until the ballot results come out in December.

    That way they get two bites of the cherry - if you get in through the ballot their can give the place they would have given you to someone else.
  • With regard to the Good For Age entries does anyone know if 3:15 is SUB 3:15 or SUB 3:16?. I have a finish time of 3:15:14 from this years FLM and would hate to miss out for the sake of 14 seconds!!. Sent the application but no reply yet.
  • Craig, I have not idea sorry.

    On a separate note, what evidence of your time in this years FLM did you send with your letter?
  • Craig
    Sorry but that is sub 3:16
    You wont get in with it.

    I sent the official certificate from previous London.
    A photocopy will do though as they will check anyway.

  • Thanks Chris, sorry to be a pain but do you mean the official certifcate that came with the photographs?

  • I have a good for age place too, but am not sure yet if I am going to take it up in '03 or '04.
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