Settle to Carlisle

Just wondering, as I saw the Settle to Carlisle railway on the TV the other night, is there a path running alongside it? I know they have some walks along bits of the route, but I've not been there. Anyone know?


  • If Dr Beeching had closed it, you would be able to run along the route itself. 

    Unlike in the USA, the British ultra running community has not made full advantage of disused railways. 

  • the taff trail has a 50 mile ultra along its length Ben

  • I used to go on that train as a kid, can't remember any kind of path that goes near it. From memory it goes over some pretty remote countryside so there would be no need to build one really.

  • Just noticing it has 14 tunnels too. Shame - looks like some lovely countryside - was getting all excited. May have to increase my hoard of OS maps to check...

  • Have a look on getamap to see first

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