17 FEB Muddy Shoes 5 Mile 11 Mile

You get a map and list of directions

You have 3 checkpoints  

When you finish you get a goodybag Pie Peas a Brew & Medal


Have Fun


  • Did this one last year and it was a great little event and not to challenging, but just enough to keep you busy.

    And as it is on public right of ways then for people who want to give the dog a run out then you can as long as its on a lead.

    All in all a good run around a lovely part of lancashire so sign up you wont be dissapointed.
  • Well 30 people finished the 11 mile run and 27 finished the 5 mile run. Once again it was a brilliant event. So many smiles on peoples faces but most of them where when they looked in there bag and saw the giant size bar a chocolate as well as all the other things. The part I liked the best was the pie/peas and gravy plus home made cake and the atmosphere of all the people who had a great time and where talking about where they got lost and where they got stuck in the mud the first time.Great little event which I think will get more popular each year and I for one will be back next year but a lot fitter.
  • Brilliant event and loads of fun..
  • Don't forget!

    Muddy Bottoms race on the Sunday 31st  March 2013


  • Brillant Video of bits of race


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