Saturday 2nd February 2013

Morning! Only starting the thread now as fell asleep on the settee

Lyrics: Are you ready Steve? Uh-huh
Andy? Yeah
Mick? Okay

What: helping at schools' county chanps
Why: it won't be the first time. Hope to get some running in too, and be back for rugby at 4.00 (although there is an important Celtic game at 1!)

Race well, racers, and, Wabo, enjoy the ball!

Alright fellas - let's go!

Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success


  • Morning

    Alehouse you posted yesterday what i meant to say but forgot re doubles  2 runs between sleeps

    Hope everyone has a good day whether racing or going to balls

    Birkmyre nice to see you back

    What: 7 mile cycle d&d maybe a run then another bike ride
    Why: general aerobic stuff
    Last Hard: cycling up an annoying hill
    Lyrics familar but googled (nods head)

  • Morning.

    Yesterday's lyrics were Chocolate by Snow Patrol.

    Glad you're ok birks.

    How did it go M?

    Sounds like an active day Pammie.

    Wrap up warm Alehouse.

    What:                a couple of hours on the new bike if I can wrap up warm enough
    Why:                 want to try the bike but it's cold again
    Last hard:         last year
    Last rest:          25/1

    Lyrics - definitely.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning

    Cold and frosty one here today.

    Cheers you lot, good to be back.

  • LMH: Like yesterdays lyric choiceimage

  • What: Swim and a run
    Why: it's Saturday
    Last Hard: Thursday (don't know why)
    Last rest: yesterday

    Bright but frosty morning here in Orkney

  • 6 miles this morning including 8 x 1 min fast, 1 min slow. enjoyed it!

  • Good afternoon!
    What: parkrun.
    Why: Custom.
    Last hard: 9k home last night.
    Last rest: Tuesday, Wednesday.
    Lyrics: No.
    I'm going to the VLM Meet the Experts day tomorrow. Not expecting much, I see from the programme it's larger a retail show for Adidas. I'm due to run 14 miles on my training plan, so have plotted a route to run home from there.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    hello all...
    I think M is still sitting in the sprinter's ice bath...
    enjoy the helping out Ale, and feet up for the sport bonanza later!
    lyric - nagging at me...

    what - 18.25 miles done first thing. Was out at 6.30 (youngest has 2hr swimming + gym) out on the country lanes for the middle 10, not a soul in sight. Perfect!
    Did toy with the idea of the park run as a wind down, but don't think the legs would have forgiven me..
    why - opportunity knocked
    last rest - sunday
    last hard - have a guess...

    enjoy the weekend everyone! 

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Nice LSR Dustin

    What - 13m Inc a parkrun (10th in 22:24)
    Why - Racing tomorrow, so a medium long run done
    Last Rest - Mon
    Last Hard - Thurs

    Jnr picked up another win at parkrun today in the bog of Andover....

    Take care

  • Distracting myself from Scotland getting hammeredimage.

    Swim followed by 10.3 miles partly road partly farm track now done.

    Just figuring out opportunities for a 20+ run in time for Loch Katrine (10 March)

    Well done RFJjunior image

  • Quiet on here today, everyone must be outside enjoying the sunshine.
    Lyrics: a bad run of form continues.
    Nice 18 slotted in there, Dustin.
    Well done Jnr RFJ, I notice that Dad omitted to mention how much he enjoyed getting thrashed.

    Bike ride: "How far are we going?" "When you get back you can look at the computer!" That turned out to me a 63 mile mauling, hanging on to the tail of Group One. We headed NE, into the breeze, with two strong guys putting the muscle down. Eventually, on the SW leg, with the wind behind us, the effort level remained constant, but the pace increased. All well and good, but by that stage any slight gradient and I was off the back. Home for 1pm.

    Out again shortly after 2pm, with Cross Country starting at 3pm. Four laps of a very muddy field. With low expectations, I set off from near the back, but felt OK and moved up through the field on lap 1. Got a stitch, and started to lose a place or two. Then my descent through the pack accelerated, as the mud sapped all my energy. After 3 laps I stopped. I had had enough. Oddly, after a minute or two I decided that I would indeed finish the race. Sure I got beaten by some very senior vets "I'm only 69, youth". This was on the run in to the line as well.
    5 soggy, boggy miles. I think that I was doing 7:30m/m on lap 1, and 11m/m on laps 3 & 4.

    I should sleep well.


  • That's a great days training Blisters - hope you're refuelling suitably.

    Dedicated dad Dustin - glad you could make the most of the time too.

    I love my new hybrid bike. So much more comfortable than the mtb ever was. Big thanks to Andy at my LBS who sent ages measuring angles and distances on my road bike in order to set it up as closely as possible. Went out with mark and we did just short of two hours round trails, cycle paths and roads in the bright sunshine. Hope it stays like that for my run tomorrow but I fear the wind is forecast to return.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • It was awesome thank you! An awesome experience that is. The times not quite so good! But it was so much fun and there were some lovely encouraging people there. I'll definitely go back and do it again.

    I did the 100 first. It was the first track race of the meet and I was in the first heat (they said who wants to be in the slow heat and my hand shot up!) The lining up and blocks thing wasn't as intimidating as I thought it might be. I was really slow starting though - everyone else was half way down the lanes! Once I got going it was all good. Final result 16.67. Bit disappointing - but I did it!

    Then an hours wait and the 400m. Only 3 of us in this. The two young girls chose lanes 2 and 3. I decided on 4. Again the whole process was fun rather than intimidating, and I quite enjoyed the whole putting out the blocks thing (they'd done that for us in the 100m). Off we went. The girls caught me just after the first bend but then didn't get any further away. I started to catch the younger one back up in the last 100m but didn't quite manage it. 1:17.47. Very happy with that. Was not expecting to get under 80s!

    Nice long run there Dustin. No need for an ice bath for the sprinting (although I could have done with one for the sunburn possibly)

    Well done RFJ junior and good luck tomorrow RFJ senior.

    Glad you enjoyed the new bike LMH. I went out on my race bike for 20mins or so early evening. It's just been in the LBS for a service and feels like a new bike!
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