When and how to resume VLM training after injury

My inside lower leg/ankle started to hurt during a long downhill section of my 15 mile LSR last Sunday. I've skipped my midweek runs to rest, RICE, foam roller etc and it is much improved with just some residual soreness now. I'm never quite sure what to do to resume training when following a specific plan - just carry on with the plan ie 12 miles tomorrow and hope for the best? Miss tomorrow and do some gentle test-the-water runs next week? Repeat another week or just carry on where I left off? I've already had to repeat a week due to snow. Kindly advice please to an easily confused first time marathoner!


  • I'm sure some more experienced people will give you better advice, but I've had a similar thing and have had to skip a week of training. My plan is to ease back in with gentle runs rather than just going straight for the next run in the programme. I'm following a P&D schedule and they've got a reassuring table of what to do if you have to take time out:

    Number of days missed:      8 weeks or more till marathon:      Less than 8 weeks:

    fewer than 10                    resume schedule                         resume schedule

    10 to 20                            resume schedule                         revise goal

    more than 20                     Revise goal                                 Revise goal

    I'm interpreting that as: if you're not sure you're fully recovered yet, there's still plenty of time to get back into training without feeling like it'll be a disaster if you miss a bit more of the schedule.

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Thank-you for the advice, I did have concerns about going straight for the long run tomorrow so I think I'll just repeat the week again and hope all stays well so I can progress with the training plan. Seem to be a bit stuck atm what with snow and niggles ... grr ...
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