My knees makes me feel like i'm just not meant to run :-(



  • LUCY Mason 3 wrote (see)
    Books have arrived today image

    Great image please let me (us) know how you get on!

  • Went to see the doctor today! What did he say ????

    Give up running image
  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    See another doctor!!
  • I just dunno.
  • before giving up running, try forefoot running. do NOT do too much to begin with. literally 400 metres. maximum.

    walk for 5 mins beforehand to get the legs warmed up. do some gentle calf raises and some light hamstring & calf stretches, then start a slow jog running forefoot. concentrate on having your foot land just in front of your body so that you don't over-stride. whether you put your heel down or not, doesn't make much difference - i noiced last week that it's the same as walking down a flight of steps. you automatically put the ball of the foot down first, and not too far in front of the body. you may or may not put your heel down. it doesn't make much difference as you still go down the stairs without falling over.

    if you still get knee pain with forefoot running, then i'd begin to agree with the doctor, but a carte blanche "stop running" is a very lazy conveyor belt approach to doctoring. what i do know is that forefoot running, for me, resulted in instant pain free knees.

  • @Lucy Mason 3

    What process did the doctor actually take you through? Was there an attempt at diagnosis or just a "well don't do it then"?

  • Ditto Stilts!!   

    1st thing i'd suggest is stretching.  The most common tight culprit for knee pain (especially for new runners) is 'Rectus Femoris' muscle - try stretching 3 - 4 times p/day for 1 min at a time, and also after exercise.

  • I'd ignore your doctor, sounds like he just couldn't be bothered.  Have you considered making an appointment with a sports physio - it is costly, but worth a go if your doctor won't refer you.

    I never see my gp any more regarding running injuries, just go straight to the physio and cut out the middle man. 

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    Books have arrived today image

    How are you getting on with them?

  • Sorry for dragging up an old thread but I had to come back and tell you this, even if just one person reads this and it helps, my work will be done.

    so, I went back to another doctor who was surprised at how 'mobile' both my knees were, she put me at the top of the waiting list for physio which I since have Had. He too could see what he thought was the problem which is hyper mobility in both my knees. Ok I don't really understand but I have followed all the exercises and I have successfully ran 4 5ks in the last 2 weeks, with no pain!

    if anyone is struggling please go to the doctor and seek physio therapy!

  • Nice to hear that a visit to the doctors by a runner has helped! Sounds like you knee'ded it!

  • Great news Lucy.  Well done for persevering.  Hope you continue to enjoy your running.

  • Thanks both, sorry for the late responce!

    So, I joined a running group on monday, really enjoyed the run, got round with only a few walking stops but also to rest my knee as it started to 'twinge'. Found out we ran 4 miles which is the most i've ever run, felt amazing!!!

    Woke up yesterday to no pain until I tried to go upstairs and I couldn't put weight on my right knee! The pain was awful, I felt so so sad. Lived off Ibuprofen yesterday.

    Just found out from the leader that the first mile we did was in 9minutes!!! My fastest mile was 10.58 minutes....!!!!!

    Do you think thats it? A combination of pushing myself too much to keep up has flared up my knee?

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