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I am trying to find a fairly decent pair of running trainers for treadmill and outdoor use. Seems that sport shops are becoming a thing of the past so mainly relying on the internet and others opinions. I have low arches and mild/moderate over pronate, as well as that keen to have a cushioned shoe due problems with my knees. The RW shoe finder has suggested the Nike Lunarglide+4 however I am unsure due to conflicting reviews if this is more of a neutral shoe or suitable for mild pronate. Anyone able to give their opinion or help with the dilemma?


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  • Hi Kelly, Depending on where you are, I'd suggest visting a specialist running store that offers gait analysis to suggest the trainers that might be best suited to you. There are plenty of them around and you'll be able to rely on the experitise of experienced staff that know the shoes - buying off the internet relys on a little bit of guesswork that could backfire later on.  

  • Hi Kelly, I have these and bought them as a result of the runners world shoe guide. I mildly overpronate (as I think most people do). I like them and have had no problems - have had them since August. We don't have specialist running shops where I am, but I did discover DW sports do gait analysis after I'd bought them, so I had it done and they agreed I mildly overpronate. They recommended done orthotic insoles which I have in the shoes.

    All that said, I'm not a very experienced runner, so you may not want to take my advice! You are probably best to get a hair analysis done as that's what everyone has said to me. I don't know, mind you, if a gait analysis from a general sports shop is as good as one from a specialist running shop.
  • I was a mild overpronator after gait analysis (as a heel striker) though since then I switched to forefoot striking.  I ran a marathon in my Lunarglide +4's with no issues but I wish I'd worn my Nike Free 3.0 v4's instead.  Not much wrong with them but I just run better in the Free's (prob because it's easier to forefoot strike?).  I still train in them occasionally when its inclement out but they are not my favourites (they rank behind my Lunar Eclipse +2's).

    I'm not sure other people's experience will help you much, shoes are very individual in my experience.

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