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Hi there, I am really confused. I am following the Hal Higdon intermediate training plan in preparation for the London Marathon in April, the problem is I am not sure what pace I should be doing each day during my training. I have read that about 80% of my runs should be at an easy pace, but I want to ensure my training pace is correct so I can maintain my race pace target, and also not burn out in training. I have a feeling I have been running too fast in the first 6 weeks, running most runs at 8:30 mile average (except the long run). I am aiming for a 3:40 marathon, but will be happy with anything under 4 hours. Below is this weeks training plan (week 7) and pace, it would be great to get some advice if this sounds ok so I don't burn out, but prepare well for the race. I have added one day a week speed training on a Thursday, taken from one of Hal's advanced programmes. Monday: cross training Tuesday: 4 miles (easy - 9:30 miles) Wednesday: 7 miles (easy - 9:30 miles) Thursday: 4 miles (yasso training) Friday: rest Saturday: 7 miles (MP - 8:30 miles) Sunday: 14 miles (easy - 9:30 miles) Thanks loads for your help Adam


  • Looks like all of those paces are too high.

    Most runs should be nice and steady - at a chatty pace.

    Then throw in a bit of speed work.

    Your 830 pace is your race pace. You'll knacker yourself out before the race.
  • Ok thanks for the advice cougie - I thought a minute slower per mile (9:30) than my race pace (8:30) would be considered easy, do you suggest closer to 10 minute miles for my slow runs?
  • I run my long runs about 90 secs per mile slower than race pace. When you get up to running 20 miles you need to be able to recover quickly to carry on the training. Run too fast and it takes too much out of you.

    Yassos are a good start but I got better results from mile repeats.

    Also I'd not bother with 4 mile runs. You need a run between the 7 miles and the long run - its hard to double your distance for the long run.

    How any yassos are you doing in four miles ? It takes me two to warm up.
  • As a marathon virgin, if pretty much all of my training will be at 60-90 seconds slower than race pace, on the day won't I just exhaust myself after the first half? There is obviously method in the madness, I guess I won't fully appreciate it u til race day is over.

    I do 800 on, then 200 slow, so in 4 or 5 miles I manage about 4 or 5.

    You running London this year? Have you done it before?
  • P.s. what are mile repeats?
  • You're forgetting - you go into the race with fresh legs. You've tapered down and are full of energy. You'll have done speed sessions so you run those faster than your goal pace - like the Yassos for example. You'll have done tempo sessions so you get used to what your goal pace feels like. You'll have done almost the distance - albeit at a slower pace. All of these you'll have been doing on tired legs with not a huge amount of rest.

    Come race day - it all comes together.

    Aah when I did Yassos - I'd rest a bit longer than that - so I'm fresh for the next one. I'd probably spend as long jogging as running.

    Yeah - doing London. I think its my 11th. You should enjoy it.

    Mile repeats are very similar to your Yassos really. I'd move onto miles once I got up to 10 repeats or so on the Yassos.
  • Thank you, you don't understand how helpful this is. Being my first time I honestly never realised how complex running can be.

    This all explains why my legs have been feeling tired for the past week - I am just running to fast for training and not recovering.

    11 times, wow you are truly a veteran, you must love your running!

    Thanks again for your help!
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