Q Angle and leg weakness

I have a wide Q Angle between my hips and knees (it's a lady thing). Fortunately, I've been running for years largely injury free apart from when I need new running shoes. But the work I put in hasn't had the results I've expected and I'm going to use my wonky right leg as the excuse. I'm really slow- still haven't managed a sub 60 min 10k in 7 years of trying. 

Basically, my right knee seems to abduct and internally rotate then my ankle pronates wildly inwards. I'm otherwise fit and healthy with no history of joint problems. Apparently, its really noticable to others- I don't notice it. Zero pain. An experienced running shop assistant had never seen anything quite like me  Using the leg press machine, to make my feet point forwards my right knee isn't parallel with the left when I'm at the starting position.

I'd like to be able to strengthen everything up using exercise. I have a small gym and pool at my disposal. Can anyone suggest what I can do?


  • Well here's a new one...someone who has no injuries posting on an injury advice forum! Oh how we all envy you! There's an old saying that goes: 'if it ain't broke don't try and fix it.' You really DO think too much! It sounds as though you are looking to rebalance your body mechanics through exercises in order to gain speed. The fact that you have been running largely injury free for several years suggests that this might be a risky thing to try. Years ago I ran with a lad who had polio as a child and had one leg substantially shorter than the other. He also ran for many years injury free. To me this suggests that the body can adapt itself to mechanical discrepencies by compensating, it may look awkward to an outside observer (this lad sure looked wonky as he ran) but he was pain free. Be careful about attempting different ways of running other than what comes natural, this often can lead to bigger problems. Go to a gym of course, talk to a qualified fitness instructor about exercises that can enhance your running, use other cardio equipment to increase your aerobic and aneorbic capacity. Any sort of interval sessions whether on road or in the gym that work towards oxygen defecit will help your basic speed. 

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