Beginner just run first 5km

I currently go to gym 3-4 times a week to do weight training, but since a new park run had just started near me I'd like to get into 5mk running. I run it today with no running training in 34.40 how can I get this down and fit this tommy schedule , what's the best training for this. I know nothing about running Thanks


  • if you can already run for at least half an hour and complete 5k  then you're off to a good start. try running outside, its a bit different to on a treadmill, i prefer it. 

    there are lots of tips on the training forum and programmes and tips to help improve your time. 

    does your gym have running club, or a local club near you that you could join? , regular running in the week will help improve your fitness and condition your body so that your tendons and joints etc become used to a different activity and strain on them, 

    i hope you enjoy your first parkrun image 

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