Hi, Im Molly.

Im not really a runner, but I suffer from ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) at the hip. I have been on many forums to find out more about people suffering with ITBS and have notices that many runner suffer with this at the knee joint. My problem is more at the hip and I have done physio, chiropracter, steroid injection and am now awaiting an operation to lengthen my IT Band. 

My question is, has anyone got this problem at the hip and has anyone had the lengthening operation? 


  • Molly - I've also had problems with the ITB at the hip. (I agree most seem to get pain at the knee!)

    You say you are not really a runner, but do you do any other sports or lots of walking?

    It took me ages to work out what was wrong with my hip...spent 5 months thinking it was a problem with the actual hip joint...and there are several muscles which refer pain into the hip, including muscles in the back.

    How long have you had the pain for?

    Shame all the previous treatments you have tried have not worked for you and you are having surgery, but I hope it goes well & alleviates the pain.

    my ITBS was temporarily cured by an osteopath - got better for 2 months & then  the pain returned after I stepped up training for a half and did some hill walking.(i've been told training on hills a lot can aggrevate the ITB & think that might have started mine off.)

    Good luck with the op.

  • Hi.

    Thanks for your responce, it just gives me a little bit of hope that im not alone!! 

    I have suffered with ITBS for many year and used to dance from the age of three but had to stop at the age of fifteen because of my hip, it was at that point that the doctors wanted to operated but was adviced that it wouldnt be successful. The doctors think this is where my ITBS started as danced a minimum of four times a week.

    My current job involves lots of walking which I now believe has set my ITBS off again. This "episode" started the end of September 2012 and is still on going, the pain when walking has kept me off sick since sept and doctors will not let me return until I have been operated on! (not good for a very active person to be told to stop everything!!! :'( )

    What are your plans for trying to resolve your ITBS?

    Do you have any exercises that you find useful or any recommendations?


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