Abingdon as first marathon

I'm interested in forumites views on whether Abingdon would make a good first marathon. i'm looking for a smaller event than the likes of the VLM and a fairly straightforward course. i will have a couple of years running and several HMs under my belt by the end of the spring, and if i get under 1.40 at Reading, it will be time to step up...


  •  Yeah go for it Baldbloke.

     Abingdon is a great marathon  but it fills up pretty quick so you have to get your entry in as soon as entries open. I think you may have missed this year, i'm not quite sure.


  • Registration for the 2013 Abingdon Marathon is now closed. Please see http://bit.ly/Pusb63 for further information.

  • damn and double dam. cant believe it sold out so quickly

  • Baldbloke, get in touch with the organisers, Abingdon have previously operated a waitlist. You should be able to join that and still have a good chance of getting in. They also permit private transfer of entries as well. All is not lost.

    If you manage to get in, it is a nice small mara and suitable for a first timer.

    Good luck

  • Bald bloke, the same time if year go give amsterdamn is good, not massive marathon but good, fast and flat. Olympic stadium start and finish. Plenty of others around in the UK to, check out the 100 marathon club website as there is a long list to choose from on there.

    Best of luck!!
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