Lower back pain

I have been running regularly for about 9 months with no problem in my back.

Today I moved a bookcase and had a sharp pain up through my back and a numb sensation in my lower left spine since that happened.

I have stretched and I can move around but bending over and getting down to floor level are a bit of a struggle and hurt.

I was planning on running today but don't think this is a good idea now given the pain I have in my back.

Am I wise to cancel toays run and how long do you think I should abstain from running?


  • No, don't run today- a gentle walk to keep things moving, and if it does'nt settle/ gets worse- see a physio.

  • Tricia - many thanks for the confirmation - I thought that was probably the best idea.  I have doen some stretching on my foam roller and have been moving around the house, this should help.  I'll see how I get on before I go back out there.

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