Edinburgh Marathon 2013: need to transfer place!


I've entered but now can't run! Places can be transferred. I am happy to cover the £10 transfer fee. Anyone interested??



  • Hi Catherine. I'd be interested in taking your place if it is still available and would be happy to cover the £10 cost myself.

    I believe it is through the Official website we transfer the place?

  • Hi Catherine, is this place still available please? I have someone looking for one. Message me please.

  • has place gone?

  • Hi, I am wanting to do the marathon, anyone out there wanting to transfer their spot?



  • Hello. Sorry for hijacking the post but I also have a place that I am looking to transfer. Anyone interested?
  • I have successfully rec'd a transfer entry.....good luck in findind someone to transfer to.


  • I also have a place that i wish to transfer to someone else....email me at ja9d1ck1e@hotmail.com 

  • Hi

    I have a place at the Edinburgh Marathon if anyone is still looking for a place?
  • I'm running but looking for a place for a friend. Please messsage me asap if you still have a place to sell. Will cover ??10 transfer fee plus admin charge.
  • Hi, Janine / Saggybaggy / anyoneone else

    I am looking for a place in the edinburgh marathon. I wil pay full amount plus the £10 administration fee.

    Please contract through email (davidm@fayrefield.com) or through this outlet

    Many thanks


  • Hi I am looking to sell my place in EMF 2013. Plese contact me at phil.carroll@easyjet.com


    many thks


  • Hi Phil, I have emailed you.
  • Also have a place going due to an injury. Started a thread above but thought I would mention it on here too. E-mail mrtunnicliffe@gmail.com if you are interested.




  • Hi,

    I would like a place for Edinburgh please if anyone still has one available. Happy to pay for place and any transfer fees etc.

    I've emailed a few of you direct but if anyone else happens to have a place then please let me know.

    Thanks so much.

  • Im also after a place if anyone still has a place available!

    Pennies waiting image

  • I'm also looking for someone to take my place as I haven't done enough training. It is getting a bit late but would be great if someone could take it.

    Email hoey.lee@pmb.ox.ac.uk if interested. Thanks.

  • I also have a place which I am looking to transfer. Anyone interested please email wloydholmes@me.com (best copy CC to wholmes@arrimedia.com just in case as my spam filter is an idiot).

  • I am also looking to transfer my place for the Edinburgh Marathon on 26th May 2013 due to injury. Anyone interested please email me at frithbody@hotmail.com

    I look forward to hearing from anyone interested. 

  • Anyone interested, place stilla vailable, buyer fell through. Face value. wloydholmes@me.com

  • *bump*! Place still available if anyone wants it. wloydholmes@me.com

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