sending workouts to forerunner 610

I can't get the workouts sent to my FR610, neither via GC nor Training Center. Corresponsing with Garmin support for week, who come up with ideas mainly relating to changing browser setting or doing master reset. None of these have worked so far. 

Basicaly, when I go through the steps of sending workouts to device, I get the message all is well and sent but nothing shows on the device. 

Has anyone got any advice??


  • Just get out and run ?
  • Thanks i have been doing this a lot. I was even running before getting a garmin, imagine that.

    Trying to follow a training plan and it would be nice to get it sent to the watch rather than put in manually. Surely, I can live without it, but I tend to get frustrated if something is supposed to work in a certain way and doesn't
  • Take it you are looking in the Advanced Workout section and not just under workouts?

    As in - Menu - Training - Workouts - Advanced "workout should be listed here"

  • I guess you have done this, but when I got my Forerunner I had a similar problem. Solved it by turning the computer on and off. Suddenly all was well.

  • Thanks HRHB - unfortunately I'd tried and no joy...

    My workouts don't show 'advanced' - just 'custom' - not there either. Garmin support went quiet
  • Check to make sure you do not have data transfer selected to off

    Select Setup - System - Data Transfer - Data Transfer - On

  • Yep. It's on
  • Had similar issue and having googled this your workout name might be too long. I shortened the workout name to less than 15 characters and it transferred to the workouts/custom section on the watch.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I presume you have updated the garmin to the latest firmware, I did this recently and it communicates via the dongle a lot more reliably since i've done this.

    I'm on a Mac and find using the Garmin Training Centre to create then upload the workouts is fine, not tried it from the website itself.

    If you go into Custom Workouts what do you see nothing?  mine sometime upload with a blank name but when you go into it the workout is there.

  • Thanks Booktrunk. I almost gave up and was meaning to re-install Ant+ agent after the hols, only to discover suddenly the workouts from HM RW programmes have found their way to my watch (with several weeks' delay)- via Traning Center. The Connect download still doesn't work, and it is their training plan I am followijgn, so I guess I will try re-instaling when I get round to it...

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Can you download the program as a whole to your desktop, then import it into the Training Center then from there to the watch...

    Tedious but might give you the control to change / modify the plan when it's in the Training Center

  • You need to make the workout name shorter than 15 characters and with no spaces e.g. JAN2014WORKOUT


  • I am on a MAC and using Safari as browser had similar problems. Tried Firefox and was able to send workouts to my 610. Loving it now. 

  • Hi folks; I am using Windows7 but can't get workouts to transfer to my 610.  I've just updated software to 2.9 and that's fine so assume the Any agent is working however when I try to send workout to 610 I get a message saying 'Preparing Workout' but it never sends it.  Am I doing something wrong?

    Any ideas much appreciated.image

  • I've had my 610 for about 6hrs and I have come this close to smashing the thing into peices. So far my thoughts are 'what an absolute waste of money'

    I have gone step by step through everything about a dozen times. The ANT+ thing works fine and I can upload activity to the computer without issue through Garmin Express. But, Garmin connect will not even recognise the existence of the watch.

    Garmin help is useless and answers completely irrelevant questions! I've already had enough and want to get rid of it. I though it was going to be a great training aid, but am now wishing I'd bought two new pairs of trainers instead!

    I have a Mac BTW, in case anyone has any thoughts of a solution?

  • Don't know why it would work but I tried uploading workouts through Google Chrome (rather than Windows Explorer). Bingo; no problems since and uploads work fine.

    The new Garmin connect is another matter and it's not recognising my watch so I'm staying with the old one for now.

    Hope this helps

  • My 610 won't update its firm ware.  Stuck with 2.8.  I get the message that 2.9 is available but when I click  nothing happened.  Garmin has only just become comparable with chrome as well.  

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Might be worth deleting some activities to ensure it has a reasonable amount of space? 

  • Naming the workout BAC432 instead of BAC 432 Interval was the key to transferring the data to my Garmin 610.

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