Replacement for Asics Gel 2160

I've started running in ASICS Gel 2150.  These were replaced by a few pairs of ASICS gel 2160's in which I have run very happily and comfortably.  I now need a new pair, to wear in before my next marathon in April, and can't find any in my size.  I was just going to replace them with ASICS gel 2170's but have read some really bad reviews of them which has put me off.  Any advice on replacing them would be much appreciated.


  • Yeah I had 2160 and went fo the 2170 ( I got the lumi orange ones), I still alternate and save newies for longer runs but I get on great and still think cushioning excellent.

    Great marathon trainers all round for me, hope this helps
  • I've just bought a pair of last seasons ds trainers for a reasonable price. Suitable for overpronator and very comfortable.
  • I have had the GT 2170's for close onto a year and they have been great, the main reason for this is that they helped me get over my shin splints due to the great support they offer.

    I would buy another pair but they have now been replaced I belive

  • I've been told the GT 2170 is being replaced by the GT 2000. I've loved my GT2170s so hope the GT2000 are indistinguishable!

  • I used to run in 2160s but have been recommended the new GT2000s and I'm loving them. I loved my 2160s (have about 4 or 5 pairs) but I found with a new pair that it took about 40 or 50 miles before they felt completely comfortable whereas with the GT2000s they've been great from the word go.

    Probably best to get a gait analysis from your local running shop but I've found the GT2000s a great replacement.  image

  • I also need to replace some very worn out 2160s (uppers at front are in pieces) so sounds like I am heading for the 2000s. Are the uppers on these shoes prone to excess wear or was I just unlucky? My previous Nike triax, which I ran in for a year then have walked in for the last year, still have perfectly intact uppers.

  • The toe box on all my asics have tended to wear through.


  • I eventually went with Brookes Adrenaline GTS 13.  I tried on the 2000's but they were too narrow in the foot for me.  I've only done 5miles in them so far (on the treadmill to try them out) but they seem to be ok. 

    The toe box on all my asics wore through too!

  • Always had asics 2100 series and been very happy with 2160 for last 2 or 3 pairs. Like OP avoided 2170 due to poor reviews and recently bought 2000. Toe box is slightly less roomy, but still v comfy and well cushioned- like running on soft pillows at the mo!!
  • The 2170 is a completely different shoe from the 2160.  Watch this: 

  • The new model is called the GT 2000 and normally an upgrade works out well but there are always a few exceptions where that is not the case. The GTS noted above is more or less the equivalent but probably offers more stability. The other alternative is the Saucony Omni I guess. I have attached a filter showing the options below:

  • I bought some 2170s going cheap on the net rather than 2000s. Not watched the video link above yet but haven't noticed much difference so far.

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