Swedish Goggles!

Hi there!

I have been training up to start doing triathlons (olympic distance) this summer after already being a keen cyclist and runner. However I dont know anything about swimming but after a few weeks of training I can feel myself improving. One problem is that whenever i swim using my normal cressi goggle they almost always spring a leak and this leaves me regularly stopping to clear them. Looking on an american tri site i heard of swedish goggles that people raved about but some said they have a really bad experience with leaking and rough edges.

What are everyones thoughts? will they work for me?

Many Thanks!


  • Took me about two years and 10+ different brands to find a pair that fitted me, were comfortable and didn't leak.....everyone is different and its more a case of trial and error then general opinion tbh.

  • And to answer your question.....i've never heard of swedish goggles and i'm scared to search for it....image

  • Only you can tell which goggle suits. I've never heard of cressi ?

    I've worn aquasphere for Years now - The kayenne suits me - but it's trial and error I'm afraid.
  • I used to use speedo rift, but never found them to be that great, best bit advice I have had is try pairs on but dont put the strap in place, good ones that fir your face should stay there without the strap.

    I use these now and think they are the dogs



  • Cheap 3 quid speedos suit me best, Sports Direct

  • Cressi do a lot of dive gear cougie, my diving mask is made by cressi but it is all down to the shape of your face and what suits you.

    The ones I have always found best are the ones shaped like bug eyes and have suddenly become available in Sports Direct, did get some odd looks when I was trying them on to make sure they were the ones that I though they were image

  • Wow, just googled Speedo goggles on Sports direct and found they do my fave ones Speedo Pacific Storm at 7 quid! Wondered how I  was gonna replace them!

  • Swedish goggles are the solid plastic type with no rubber cushioning (gasket) around the edges. Raved about by those for whom they work because they're simple, cheap and because there is less rubber involved they last longer in chlorinated pools.

    Given that they offer no gasket between the goggle and the eye socket, they can be tough at first as they'll press more than you are used to. That said, I bought a pair and found that the curved profile of the goggle just did not match my eye at all, so no matter how tightly I strapped them on, they were useless. Not a big cost to try them, though....image

  • I like the Aquasphere Kayennes too - only goggles I've ever worn that don't need adjusting and emptying of water every few hundred metres... But yes, all depends whether they fit the shape of your face or not...

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