Edinburgh Marathon

Hi all, I have a place at the Edinburgh marathon in May which I'm now not able to use. If anyone would like a place, do let me know and I can arrange the transfer. Thanks!


  • Hi Vicki,

    I would like the place. If we can arrange the transfer that would be great.

    Many thanks ( I think! ).
  • Hi Helen, sounds great. Are you able to message me so we can discuss? I can't seem to message you!
  • Hi Vicki,

    That's great. What do we need to do now?
  • I can't se to message you either! I've just changedy settings so you might be able to send a message now.
  • I also have a place but no longer wish to do the full marathon and plan on doing the half instead.  If anyone is interested please email me at ja9d1ck1e@hotmail.com 

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