I do not understand what is wrong but for the past 2 weeks when I go out runnig which is usually around 7 in the evening im running along and i can feel as though there is water or gas moving about inside and making unpleasant and strange noises which i get paranoid others can hear it when i run past. It has never happened before and to be honest im just feeling down and not enjoying the run.image

Has anyone else experienced this before and if so please help cheers


  • I'm really not being funny, could you be pregnant?
  • yeah acid build up been happening to me for 5 months now, on some tablets very common in athletes, i found there certain foods which caused it and now i cant eat them, see your gp soon as poss, tablets i on areomeprazole 

  • Lol Mr Puffy fortunately im not pregnant.

    Thanks Runnerbean98 I think you may be on to something i will need to go and get it checked out with the gp because its just frustrating. Thank you guysimage

  • Not sure this is a GP thing. Are you over-hydrating before a run? Cut out various food groups and see if that makes a difference. Could be wheat, or dairy that is causing bloating,
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    As humans we are made of water and gas so a bit of sloshing and farting is to be expected.

    However, if you feel you have the physical integrity of a laptop, maybe by changing the playlist on your ipod will work. Or a reboot.

    You can be paranoid now.

    We are all talking about you.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

    Mmm sounds familiar, a friend of mine had this problem, however you'll be glad to know he went to his Doctor with it and it was easily diagnosed, it's clear to me, although I'm no medic that you have syphilis.  

    Don't muck about, tell her straight!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

    Mary-Kate I might also add that being unsure if you're pregnant or not suggests rampant unprotected sex and you should be more careful

    Hang on a bit NW4,

    people have been barred for sailing so close to the wind

  • Ooo yea Nick Windsor 4 maybe you have a point there!is this based on your own personal experience???image

  • Alas the bloating has subsided! took some rennie today just incase it was acid so thanks for that advice rb98 and you are right RicF im learning to be less paranoid about farting on a run lol to be honest its so windy at the moment i dont think people notice, and hey it might even help propel me alongimage

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    MKA, sorry about my silliness about laptops.

    I'm definitely on your sideimage

    Still, for farting in public, you couldn't surpass some old fella in Tescos one time. Not only could you hear him giving vent from 30 yards away, but cleared aisles all round.

    Apparently I'm now barred.


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