Breaking Bad

I was bought the boxed first four seasons of this for Christmas. Unbelievably it's never been shown in it's entirety on UK TV. First series disappeared without trace, series 2 and 3 were I think on 5USA around midnight. I think it must be the best ever USA series ever made...better than The Sopranos, The Wire, West Wing etc. It's riveting viewing, engrossing, dark, hilarious, thoroughly amoral, and ....just amazing.

It's almost impossible to resist playing the next episode. It's so good that I've had to suspend my current viewing of the Being Human series 1-4 box set. The fifth and final series is currently showing in the US. - not available here until July.


  • No, but i just Googled it and it has won quite a few awards.  I don't watch many American shows, preferring homegrown (inc European), although I did love True Blood.

  • LOve Breaking Bad - we bought the box sets too, waiting impatiently for series 5...

  • My son bought this for me...I couldn't bear to see Hal form Malcolm in his stained underpants, and I haven't seen it since, so he's probably nicked it for himself.
  • Amazing show. I've seen season 5 part one, just waiting for the final 8 episodes to air in July. Great character development for the main characters, but I do think the two main female leads are both very weak. Saul, Walt, Hank, Gus and Jesse are great though.

    I do prefer The Sopranos and The Wire to it though.
  • Its fantatastic, watching season 3 on Netflix at the mo

  • Admit it though. How tempting is it going to be to shout "gatorade me bitch" when running through a water station?
  • Top show. Very addicting though (and somewhat educational!)

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    Had just finished season 3 on Netflix and then saw your post. I think it's the best thing on TV. Great characters (including the women in my view) and love the New Mexico locations too. I am surprised more people don't watch it, though when I try to tell anyone what it's about, it does sound rather odd!
  • It's no longer on tv, bar the likes of a netflix service in the UK. That's why nobody watches it.

    It got dropped after two seasons over here. If I remember cirrectly channel five showed one season and fx the second.

  • It's class Tom, absolutely love it, I have managed to convince a few people to give it a go and they all end up hooked. The guy who plays Jesse is fantastic, he can convey a multitude of emotions with just his eyebrows!

    Just wait till you get to the 5th series!

    Lol eggy
  • We LOVE BB - we've watched up to the first 8 programmes of series 5.

    In fact we're working our way through the box set again - just about to finish series's brilliant tv

  • Just started watching S1 yesterday.  So far, so good.  I hope it doesn't go the same way as shows like True Blood (brilliant first/second series) and become yawnsome as it progresses.

  • No - it gets bigger and badder with every season! image

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭

    Eggy, I know it's no longer on TV, but as well as Netflix, the first two series (not sure about the others) are available quite cheaply on Amazon.

  • gingerfurball wrote (see)

    No - it gets bigger and badder with every season! image

    very much this. every season so far has been superb

    definitely one of the best progs ever made

  • It certainly gets better as it runs. You've no worries of it being a one season wonder.
  • i've watched every episode of it on netflix. worth the £5 a month (or whatever it is) for that alone.

    Looking forward to the second half of series 5 when it comes on in July.

    I have to disagree with Tom the OP on one point though, I watched the first series of Being Human, and it's shite. The werewolf looks like "Pob"

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