Last minute place in Marathon.

Hi, I have just been given a last minute space for the London Marathon. I have not been training specifically for the Marathon as I didn't think I would be running as didn't get a ballot place. I have been doing my own thing and on average 18 Miles per week. Am I being unrealistic thinking I can do a full Marathon in 11 weeks time. I will start training properly this week. I am doing the Brighton half marathon 17th Feb. This will be my 3rd Half marathon. My long runs recently been 10 Miles to 12 Miles and I know I now need to extend these but just wonder If  I have enough time with only 11 weeks to go. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks image


  • Thank you so much David I really appreciate it. I was sure I can do but nerves are setting in and starting to question everything. I just wish I had more time but don't want to wait another year to try and get a place. I am going to up my mileage and will hopefully being doing 18 Miles at least 3 weeks before. I mean I run 12 miles in the snow for gods sake. Well that was easier on the knees. The one niggling injury I do have is my coccyx! its feels bruised. I have it for over a year and had physio but doesnt seem to go.. this marathon will prob see me off! Oh well I'm going for it. Thanks again Dave x

  • It'll hurt, but you could do it with the right commitment to training.

  • Good luck to you. Take the increase in mileage steady, don't go mental. 1-2 miles a week added on to your long run. No more. No need to get past 20-21 before you taper down two weeks before. The crowd will carry you the last 10k (or the paramedics!)

    Slow and sure, steady miles. So what are you waiting for? Get your bum out there!
  • A number of years ago when Liquid Power was sponsoring the drinks i entered a competition for the 2000 FLM & was lucky enough to win a place, only problem was they did'nt announce the winners until early Feb leaving just 9 weeks to the marathon! Due to not thinking i'd be running i had to start training from scratch but surprisingly still managed my average time of  3:40 even though the mileage was greatly reduced from previous years. As SJDub stated don't go mad & risk injury but personally i think 11 weeks is plenty of time to peak, i once ran a marathon on 6 months hard training & had a awful run, feeling heavy legged & fatiqued due to overtraining. All the best with the training, you'll be fine.

  • Go for it. You have a good base fitness and a strong idea of how to up your training.

    Considering runners world have 16 week training plans and you aren't a million miles away from their beginners one with the activity you are doing I say go kick that marathons arse (If you can lift your legs that high afterwards)

    You may not hurtle around the course but I think you'll certainly get around. Consider what you have done as establishing base camp and now it's time to head off for the peak. 

    I think with the encouraging advice on this thread reassuring you then you'll be fine and dandy. 

    Good luck with it all.



  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I'm using the 'experienced' 3 x a week plan and am only just up to about 25 miles a week, so you aren't far behind.  Just keep extending those long runs by a little and keep doing plenty of runs and speed work during the week.

    I've probably only done 3 or 4 runs over 10 miles so far...

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