Monday 4th February 2013

Morning, just!
Watching the Superbowl but really don't understand what is going on!

Let the wind blow high
Let the wind blow low

I've used these before, years ago: I'm sure Donaldo and a few others from north of the border will know these!

What: aim to have at least a long walk, and hopefully some running
Why: after today may well be out of action for a few days


Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success


  • Morning

    What:3M Easy

    Why: First run in 2 weeks and got soaked.imageimage

    Morning ale


  • OH: Hope you're okay up there

    donaldo: My sis in law stays in Stornoway !

  • Morning.

    Yesterday's lyrics were Fitter Happier by Radiohead.

    OH - hope you're still in one piece up there. Was thinking the same about the swim but I don't think I have sufficient range of movement.

    Alehouse - hope you get to make the most of today and the weather isn't too bad. Windy here but 'only' gusting up to 48mph today. Scuppers the long walk with Grace I was planning to fill some time as I don't think that realistically I can do any training today.

    Rough night as I tend to turn on to my left side and was woken every time I did so. Shoulder not painful in itself, just when touched or rotated. Could possibly manage some time on the turbo but I'm tired (jab due tomorrow too) and achey so I think it may be sensible to rest. Would long walk Grace as a distraction but she won't be keen in this wind!

    What:                     probably nothing
    Why:                      see above
    Last hard:              the barrier I collided with
    Last rest:               25/1

    Lyrics - feel that I should but can't say I do.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all,
    OH - still in one piece?
    LmH - ouchy
    Donaldo - nice run
    RFJ - hardcore..I would have opted for the duvet and make up of final placing +1...
    7D - great stuff with the long run & the 5k, ditto NZC
    Wabo - putting me to shame with the DIY, I am at the "look at stuff and put it off" stage (although did do a half hour clear up in the garden on saturday)
    what - summat easy + QoP ce soir
    why - jaded
    last rest - 8 days
    last hard - that field around mile 6 yesterday, or all of Saturdays long one.

    Lyric -not sure I do

  • So far big winds have not materialised. Windy yes but nothing out of the ordinary. Working today so no chance of getting to West coast to see big seas coming in.

    What: maybe a pool swim
    Why: might be a good idea
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: Friday
    Lyrics: still no (I know I'm useless)

    BM: It's Scotland. It happens!

    (LM.H) but not too hard perhaps!

  • I did long walk Grace in the end - it's certainly blowy!

    OH - it was definitely a very hard barrier!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    Well I have had some sleep now...image

    What - 4.25m
    Why - Easy run day
    last hard - yesterday
    Last Rest - Last Monday

    Lyrics No

    Take care

  • Evening

    RFJ sleep is good

    LMH had to read back, blimey  hope you really are alright  take care

    Alehouse  didn't see it, ended up watching some Italian film had no idea what was going on first

    No runs sat or sun did cycle  about  5-7 miles  each day work in between

    cycle tonight to and fro

    nope to the lyrics


  • Evening!

    What: 2 hour walk through some very muddy country, struggling to stand up in places, and including about 15 minutes running
    Why: car was in for MOT, and won't be doing any exercise for the next couple of days.

    Quiet on here!

    I thought the lyrics were easy!

    Hope the Scots are not wearing their kilts today, given the strength of the wind!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • alehouse - the lyrics are easy! I used to think this song was a hoot when I was a kid! Long walk for you - great for your endurance.- good luck with the treatment.

    Sounds lie the weather is pretty awful over there.

    What: 3 miles easy Cornwall Park. We had rain overnight, and a bit of drizzle on my run, then it poured down. It was still very humid.

  • Forgot to mention the horizontal sleet for part of the walk, plus the strong winds when out of the woods: must be far worse in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Sounds like you guys have had some pretty major weather, hope everyone is ok - OH in particular. Here we've had lots and lots of rain in the last 24hrs. Surface flooding all over the place. Still raining but nothing like so bad. And still warm so I'm not complaining.

    What: 45 mins easy.

    Why: it was supposed to be 45mins easy at lunch time then a track session after work but it turned out work had other ideas.
  • LM.H it was meant to be the virtual hug () that was not too hard LOL

    Just miserable sleety snow now image - hope it clears up before tomorrow afternoon (half  day)

  • Haha nice lyrics today. image

    I couldnt get out today and my schedule said 5 miles easy XC so there was nothing for it except to get the head torch on tonight and head off into the fields in the wind and snow!  It was quite fun - slow going but thrilling, running along in the dark with a circle of light for company (oh yeah, and my dog).  Came back caked in mud but feeling good. image

  • Evening all. Having some avatar issues with this site. Hmm. Meant to be a rest day but I can't sit still at the moment so I went for 9M walk over Winter Hill. I was in my trail shoes so I kept running little bits up and down. Lots of fun, weather couldn't dampen my spirits, and a few people out recce'ing the Bolton Hill Marathon I'd wager. Hope everyone's not stricken by the incoming snow!

  • LYRICS? Yeeee Haaa! Donaldo knows where to find them!

    Despite being somewhat tired legged I did actually go out for a run, just a gentle one round the rat run. 8:30m/m. I think that the motivation was the fear of the ice and snow that's due, and that the turbo in the garage can be saved for later.

    Meanwhile, I'm off to watch the surfer's video.

  • Wow, that's Proper Guinness!

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