Is their a membership for the pirates? where can you buy the kit ?



  • No membership. It's a frame of mind, an attitude, a common objective to do an ironman and support others in doing so. Check out www.pirateshipoffools.co.uk for more on the history/background. There is a 2013 kit thread in the tri section. Welcome to the dark side.
  • here's a more helpful link to the website... LINK

    iPads have their limitations!! image

  • respect to you bunch for infor and being friendly thanks i may be worthy one day of wearing your kit

  • You already will be worthy- the bar is set very lowimage ( That sounds like an insult on so many levels!).

  • Monique just said I was shit.

  • yeah but given how good she is, she's probably correct image

  • No probably about it. But I am too thick to realise and keep coming back for another go.image

  • Was reading back over the 2004 Austria reports when I typed that, no offence meant.

  • Yeah .... They let me in so it can't be that hard.

    Welcome image
  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    No probably about it. But I am too thick to realise and keep coming back for another go.image

    you and me both mate image

  • I've growd up an retired
  • Retired, that's it I knew there was something I was doing.


  • Hey guys do you know of any pirates on the other side of the world in New Zealand?? I'm an expat living over here and planning to do my first half IM next summer (Dec - Jan).
  • There is Bevan & John (honorary pirates) in Christchurch. As in from the uniquely famous IM Talk Podcast...

  • Kanga is in the land of Oz
    GB is currently in Thailand somewhere as is Snorks and someone else whose name escapes me image

  • M is in Wellington

  • Hi Cake Boy, I'm back living it large in Sydney these days. Which half you doing?

  • Hi Kanga I am in Wellington but haven't decided which one I am going to do either Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo or Auckland - do you recommend any of them? Trying to pursuade a mate to do it with me but got no takers yet.

    I really like the pirate philosophy so I think I will keep hanging out of the forums and see how I goimage
  • first and last rule of being a pirate is sort your avatar out mate... the "click to change" one is so last yearimage

  • PSC it's my new look you see..... Nah seriously I am being a ponce and waiting till Sunday to get a picture of me doing my 2nd sprint tri then you can see my good looksimage
  • Never done a triathlon, but have just set myself a target of doing an Ironman 70.3 in 2014.

    Does a half qualify for joining the pirates, or do I need to be aiming higher (I.e. full)?!

    Will be doing tri taster session in Blackpool in May to break myself into it gently, and then looking to up my game over time.

    Running I can do, biking I can do, but swimming....meh, it'll take some work to get up to any reasonable standard me thinks!
  • 'Joining' is an attitude   image

    You should always aim high, how high is down to you    image

  • Cheers Meldy, duly noted!

    Is philosophy all part of being a pirate too then? image
  • It is today ... I am feeling all philosophical  image

  • JR3 - being a pirate has a lot more to do with the ability to sink a skinful of beer at the following day's after-race party! Pirates race hard and party twice as hard.

  • Pirates race hard?! Since when?! image 

    A few notable exceptions - Mon, Rosey, Funkin, Melli, CD, etc - but here's a reason we are always the last people in the stands at the Finishers chute - always waiting for most of us still to finish! image


  • Beer after a big event has always been an important part of the day for me, so I'm pretty sure I can cope with that!

    Just looking at getting a tri or two in the diary for this year. I have the taster event in Blackpool in May already, and am considering Lancaster (28th july) or Ullswater (13th July) too.

    Can anyone particularly recommend either of these? Or suggest any others around this time?
  • I prefer my beer during the event
  • you need to change your name

    but don't ask anyone to sugest names, someone did that once and is stuck with "MEFACE"

    dosent sound too bad?

    think about when racing and someone wants to support you so they usually shout "Come on (name)"



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