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I am new to this - hope I have posted in the right place, sorry if not.

I have just started running, haven't got the right gear or trainers really but hope to get this sorted in the near future! I went out yesterday and managed 6.49k in 34 minutes. Is this good?

Also, I wanted to ask a question if anyone knows the answer - I am going out again tonight, but do I try to do the same distance but in a shorter time, or do I work on extending the run?

Not sure what to do? Thanks for any help x


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Have a look at the beginner training plans - even if you're not training for a specific event they will help you structure your running.

    6.49k is a good start - a lot of people start with a "couch to 5k" schedule, but you are already capable of running further than this.  

    Key things to remember:

    - Your body will need to adapt to running, so give it time to recover & rest.

    - Don't run all your runs too fast.  Its tempting to run at a speed that feels like it takes considerable effort, but most of your runs should be done at a pace that would enable you to maintain conversation.

    Good luck!

  • Not sure what to do?  Get a proper training programme.

  • Thanks stutyr, I think I'm going to go for distance then, rather than speed.

    Intermanaut - thanks, that was ever so helpful.

  • You're welcome.  Clearly The Obvious needed stating.

  • Really? But this is a Beginners part of the forum, why so nasty? I really dont have a clue about running or even about training programmes.

  • Not sure what to do?  Get a proper training programme.

    Obvious to you maybe, but not at all to me.image

    Thanks for making a newbie feel most unwelcome and now wish I had never come on this site let alone dare ask a question.


  • Hi Rosierunner - I am new to running as well i have been training since december for a half marathon in march - if you send me your email address i can send you the beginners plan that i used - hope this is of some help x

  • Thanks so much Sarah, I'll send you my email now x

  • Thanks David, don't worry I'm not exactly crying into my cup of tea. Just that this is a "beginners" section of the forum so comments like "Clearly the obvious needed stating" is just a ridiculous thing to say! Like training plans are obvious to complete beginners like me! lol.

    And places like mumsnet and netmums are typically b*tchy because the majority of posts and replies come from all women! They are terrible when all together lol. I didn't expect such a silly reply from a running forum but there you go, more fool me.

    Thanks for the advice re:running too.

  • wrong side of the bed / one of those days etc comes to mind image

    my biggest fallback Rosie was too much too soon, dont go flat out when you think you can. the heart gets fitter quicker than the muscles in legs/ankles/kness. the most annoying thing for a beginner like yoursellf is an injury.

    i had terrible shin splints from doing that such thing (plus terrible trainer choice) whatever you do, perservere and keep goingimage

    hopefully you can find a suitable plan image

  • Hi Rosie - it's always good to welcome a new runner!  There's always plenty of info in Runners World and the website for new runners so have a look around, but also I would visit a local specialist running shop where you'll be made very welcome;  they will advise you on the right gear and shoes to help you avoid injury.  Do most of your running at a comfortable pace and if you want to speed it up a bit make sure you are thoroughly warmed up first.  You'll find that once your fitness increases, the speed will follow, but the broad base of your running should be reasonably steady.  You can also think of joining a club - we're not all speed demons and there will be a group who'll be very pleased to have you with them.  Very best of luck!

  • There's a massive link at the top of every page on RW:


  • Hey Rosie!

    Fellow beginner here ... and not running anywhere near what you've done yet! The advice above is all you need really, so won't add any more. Except to say stick with the forums! Hardly any snippy comments around normally (and there are been some significantly more silly questions asked!) and I've found that sharing what you're up to with people at a similar level is really motivating!

    Stick it out here ...

  • Hi Rosie

    Awwwww another beginner given a blunt, smartarse comment by people who should know better. We are all friendly here really. Honest.image You'll get the odd snippy comment because frankly deep down inside we know we are slaves to running: Forrest Gumps but without the personality or boxes of chocolates.image

    The training plans on this site are excellent just remember that they are on the internet not carved in stone. Use and abuse them.

    More importantly have fun with it and remember rest and recovery are as important in the early stages as the miles, the two go hand in hand. 

    Oh and good luck. Best foot forward


  • Hi

    A few people have reported this thread to us and reading through this thread it's understandable.The RW forum - wherever you post - is for runners to talk and get advice, not feel intimidated by more experienced runners or people who've been on here for years. 

    We're not saying you can't argue or debate, but we are requesting you be respectful to other members. 


    Katie RW 

  • I've also just started. I've found that following a structured programme on an app from the App Store called 10k runner had been absolutely fantastic! It really breaks you in gradually. I'm almost finished my 5th week and so far so good.

    You sound pretty fit already!
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