To all Brooks lovers!

To all Brooks supporters out there I'm looking for Some advise? I'am looking to buy a pair of Brooks Glycerin-10 or Ghost-5 and need to know what's best for me? I'm running half marathon distance at sub 1:25 and This year doing the London marathon for the second Time. My first full marathon time was 3:13 and I'm now Looking to run sub 3:00. I'm weighing in just under 10 stone and was looking for Some advise. Any decent advise would be appreciated?


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I'm around the same pace as you and I have got the T7 racers.

    I did my marathon PB in the T6 last year so if you have good technique they are capable of long distances.
  • If you want something with a bit more cushioning than the T6/7 (not that I've ever tried the T's, but going by the look of them...) but still pretty light (~200g), consider Green Silence.  I've worn them up to 10 mile so far and intend doing the marathon in them pretty soon.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    A good shout Phil. I forgot about the green silence.
  • Cheers for the advise so far guys.

    I will be using whichever shoe I choose for training

    Runs as well as the day of the marathon so I need

    a shoe that will cater for both?
  • I ran in Ghost 4s last year and it was a great shoe, if maybe slightly bulky. 

  • I could have let it go if it was just the once but since you got it wrong four times, it's "advice".

    Anyway, Glycerins get my vote between those and the Ghosts. Have you considered anything from the Pure range though? In view of your weight and speed they might well work for you. I am heavier and slower and I love the Pure Flows.
  • another shout for the green silence here

    I actually prefer the st5 to race and green silence to train but if you want to run your marathon in the same shoes that you do all your training in then the green silence are ideal for racking up the miles and for racing. and as an added bonus you can generally find somewhere selling them for £30

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