Thinking about a come-back - struggling

I used to be a regular on the "still at 5k" thread and was running 5k 3x a week. That was over a 2 years ago as I switched back to indoor climbing as my regular sport. However, it's now been a year since I did any exercise - but amazingly have managed to control my weight and not turn into a teletubby.

Sooo. I want to get back to running. I look at my lovely treadmill and I want to use it. Running outside is a no-no until the weather gets warmer (cold sets off my asthma).

Then I remember what put me off running, and that was being "stuck" at 5k, my best time was about 35 mins.

I read posts on here and start to feel excited about running again and one day I would like to do a race (ideally the Silverstone half) - but this reminds me of being stuck at 5k, then trying to do intervals etc. I think the problem is that if I'm going to do something I want to be good at it and I don't feel like I'm very good at running. image




  • Thanks David. And I'm not a man, but point taken.

    It's just that I look back on my running and remember working hard at it and not really feeling like I was making any progress. But then looking even further back I couldn't even run for 20 seconds to start with!

    Will keep a LSR in mind as well.

  • What do you mean by 'stuck at 5k'?  Were you trying to get down to a certain 5k time before upping the distance?

    I got to 5k a month ago - in about 37 minutes initially, now about 34 minutes 45 or so - so, not fast by any stretch of the imagination.  I am currently (well, this is the theory) stretching one run per week by 0.5k a week, so I'm now up to 6k - hhmmm, guess that should be 6.5 this week - doing one straightforward run of 5k and doing one 5kish run that includes intervals.

    Now, in practice, I've not really got anywhere with the intervals yet, but I think that may take some time due to my weight, but I'm not too worried about it as I am managing to do the slightly longer runs.

    As you say, the progress from not running ot running 5k is HUGE!  Get back there and then just add a little bit on, and if one thing doesn't work, try another.

  • lol @ David.

    I did try to progress beyond 5k and I do vaguely remember some longer runs - I definitely remember going out and just running for an hour without worrying about the miles to try and improve.

    I think LSR might be the key though.



  • David, please, please ,please can you do me a podcast with some music and you shouting at me to "woman up", "run faster/harder/longer" and generally get my butt in gear. I think it would really help me with my motivation.image
  • Run Forest Run -have you ever read "Run Fat Bitch Run" Its definitely something of a motivator!

  • ooh, now that does sound good. I'm assuming my local library won't stock this, so I'll have a nose a Amazon. Cheers!

    ps I do run like Forest Gump, but before the calipers fell off image
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