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I am looking to join the RAF reserves does anybody have any advice in getting the time down quickly without my injuring myself! Would interval training be the right way to go?

As this part of the test is the one that worries me the most. If I do get through this I will need to undertake the bleep test and achieve 7.02 (20m version). Would this require the same sort of training?

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  • If you've to run 1.5 miles fairly quickly...  the interval training will be very good. BUT I'd really recommend that you spend more time on longer slow runs.  Make sure you build up to be able to steadily run 5 or 6 miles slowly. Ideally further if you've time (but there's an unwritten rule that you don't increase weekly mileage by 10-15%, without risking injury)

    All race distances use a combination of your body's systems... At one extreme, for example, a marathon uses almost entirely your 'aerobic' slow running systems (which rely on your body combining the oxygen you breathe with your fat and glucose supplies in your body).  And as another example, a 100m run relies almost entirely on your 'sprinting' systems - which don't use oxygen, but the chemical energy of food reserves in your muscles. (you might have noted that Usain bolt only takes about 2  breaths in a 100m race...  so he's not relying on his aerobic system)

    For 1.5 miles, you will actually rely more on your aerobic system than your sprint system... but you definitely need to train both.   Your interval training - (e.g. High Intensity Interval Training, as DF3 suggests - and other sorts of interval training) - will mainly train your sprint systems (though help your aerobic ability too)... but you might be amazed how beneficial it is for you to build up your ability to run, say, 5 or more steady miles - at a pace that doesn't really get you out of breath.  Doing this regularly just takes a bit of time, but doesn't knacker you like a HIIT session does - so you can do more training. For this reason, I'd suggest doing more aerobic work than HIIT work. This will build your aerobic capability and is vital to good performance... both for 1.5 miles and for Beep.

    There is more technical language for this, and plenty of reading you can do, but I just targeted at beginner level.  Hope it's helpful.   Good luck.

  • Thank you both for all your advice image I will defo focus on what you have said, as i am new to running i think it might take a while but i am looking forward to the challenge!

    It is very nice to post on a forum and receive constructive and friendly advice for a change.

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  • Hey everyone


    I just read this post and although you are looking to join the RAF, there is a good site that is focused on The Army physical tests and how to improve your fitness for selection. They have a guide on training for the Bleep test and some Interval training ideas -  - hope it´s useful!



  • Thanks radders83 I have looked at that site and it is very useful. Thanks again ???
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