Post run nausea

I'm asking this on behalf of a friend who is training for a half marathon.  The training is generally going well, but every time she runs for any longer than 1 hour she feels really nauseous afterwards.  Has anyone else had this in the past?  Would anyone know any likely causes and how to prevent it?


  • Is she pregnant ?

    Running too fast ?

    Eating too close to running ?

    I've never experienced it so I'm just guessing.
  • is she eating before running?


    how fast??

  • After a very long run (22-24M +) I do sometimes feel a bit nauseous (and no, I'm not and wasn't pregnant, etc.).  I make sure I have something, even if it's just chocolate milk and then snack on plain foods for the next couple of hours so that I've replenished my glycogen stores.

  • I have had this many times after a long run and I put it down to your body going into shock as it is just not use to it. I have actually been sick a few times after a long run and after I have been sick I feel fine again.

    Also after a long run my sense of smell is hightened which is weird. Does anyone else experience this or is it just me being weird image

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