Lower Leg Pain

I'm doing my first marathon this year in London.  The last 3 weeks I've been having pain in my shins.  It's nothing that bad just like a stinging sensation.  I did up my mileage a little and had new trainers about a fortnight previous to this.  I've rested for 1 week and then pick up some mileage over 2 weeks.  It appears to be less painful apart from left shin where there is a sharp pain just on the outside of my left shin bone.  The pain doesn't occur when I run just comes and goes when I'm resting.  I've been icing the area quite alot.  Can anyone tell me if they think it ok to keep training.  My concern is that I can't really afford to take much time off with the marathon being 11 weeks away.



  • Hi Yvonne,

    I'm guessing you are starting to have shin splint. Do you feel like a electrifying kind of a pain hitting on your shin when you started running about 10 - 15mins ?  also after you finish your run if you massage u'r shin bone using u'r thumb do you feel any pain? 

    If it's possible try to get a quick MRI check with fisio to find out if it's really shin splint or alternatively most cases you are developing shin splint due to no proper stretches or u'r calf muscles are too tight... 

    Try to stretch u'r calf muscle before and after your run.. if your are not sure try going to youtube and search for "strecthes for shin splint" and you may find a few good one...continue doing it...applying ICE is a good thing, since you have a race coming soon... you may consider getting this gel called "Fastum" from the drug store and you can apply it.. it's anti-inflam (do check the guide before applying around your shin area before your run) other than that if u are u using old pair of running shoes.. you may wanna check some good one's from asics gel (which i use).. 

    Hope this helps image 


  • Thank you VJ I do think there is something in that my calf muscles might be too tight.  When I get out of bed no matter if i've trained the day before or not I find I take my time walking properly at first because my legs are tight.  This has been happening for as long as I can remember, I just got used to it and hadn't thought much of it until now.  I don't feel pain when I massage my shin it's generally when i'm resting I feel that sharp pain.  I think I'll make a conscious effort on stretching my calfs and try and train off road for a bit to see how that goes.  If it continues much longer I'll seek docs advise.  I've been running in Brooks Defyance 5.  Thanks so much for your advise.



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